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Although it's growing slowly but steadily, the nation's economy faces a 25 percent chance of slipping back into a recession in the next nine to 18 months, a former Federal Reserve economist said at the Boulder Valley Real Estate Conference in November.

Mark Snead, founder and president of economic analysis firm RegionTrack, gave the forecast. Before founding RegionTrack, Snead was vice president and Denver branch executive of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. His responsibilities included serving as the bank's regional economist.

Snead is not especially pessimistic about the “fiscal cliff,” which would see the federal government cut spending next year while simultaneously raising taxes unless a deal is cut by the end of this year. Going over

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For real-estate developers, the meteor has struck, the Great Extinction has happened and the survivors are finally getting opportunities to get back to work.

The brightening future and the opportunities it provides were the subject of a panel at the Boulder Valley Real Estate Conference.

The market crash in 2008 brought on some dark days for the industry, W.W. Reynolds Cos. chief executive Jeff Wingert said, but there are enough positive trends that developers with new projects are moving forward.

“We’ve come out of probably the worst real-estate cycle this country has ever seen,” Wingert said.

Banks now are less stringent with loans, he said, which allows development to go forward. The market is ready, too, with rents for offices hitting

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Just when it appeared the Boulder-area real estate markets’ sales were headed downhill for the remainder of 2012, buyers surprised industry experts with a late-year surge in October.

“We had a surprise this month,” notes Ken Hotard, senior vice president of public affairs for the Boulder Area Realtor® Association. “Typically we would have seen month-to-month sales drop. Instead we saw a 12 percent increase in single-family sales from September to October.”

Three hundred and fifteen single-family homes sold in Boulder County in October compared with 281 in September. And October’s sales represented a 27.5 percent increase compared with the 247 single-family homes that sold October 2011.

The condominium and townhome market also showed improvement

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For Boulder residents who have yet to discover the joy of riding a bike on the community’s miles of beautiful trials or the satisfaction of avoiding rush hour traffic by riding a bike to and from work, meet Community Cycles.

From classes on how to fix and maintain bikes to selling restored used bikes, Community Cycles eliminates excuses, such as not having a bike or having one that is broken and dusty hanging in the garage, that prevent folks from using two-wheeled transportation more often.

Rich Points was in the Environmental Leadership master’s program at Naropa University when he started a bike shop as his community project with the assistance of Wanda Pelegrina Caldas in 2006, according to Alexey Davies, membership director for Community

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The time has come once again for the Boulder Valley Real Estate Conference and Forecast, set for Thursday, Nov. 15, at the Millennium Harvest House Hotel, 1345 28th St. in Boulder.

 The conference will cover such topics as:

• The economic and financial conditions necessary to drive new construction;

 • What municipalities are doing to promote redevelopment or new development of infill areas;

• Pricing luxury homes in the Boulder market;

• What has brought national developers to the Boulder Valley and what are their plans;

 • Strategies for succeeding in today’s real estate market;

 • Residential and commercial forecasts.

National experts will talk about the latest trends in residential real estate and mortgage lending and what’s

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While the Boulder-area real estate markets continued to demonstrate resilience in August, with sales and prices surpassing those of August 2011, it was obvious the fall slowdown had come early.

The 376 single-family sales in August were a 12.2 percent increase compared with the 335 sales in August 2011. And the 122 condominium/townhome sales in August 2012 were an increase of 3 percent over the 118 sales the year before.

“We closed out the summer continuing our very positive trend,” says Ken Hotard, senior vice president of public affairs for the Boulder Area Realtor® Association.

However, August’s single-family home sales represented a 10.2 percent decrease from 422 sales in July, and the attached unit sales saw an 18 percent drop from the 149

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If you’ve foregone building your dream home because of fears that you couldn’t get everything you want without spending a fortune plus your retirement, think again.

According to Zillow, simple planning can result in getting the home you want without going broke. It recommends following these seven tips to beat the high cost of construction and home improvement;

1. Go smaller and smarter

Smaller homes are less expensive to build, but Zillow recommends avoiding randomly hacking away with a machete and approaching it more like a surgeon with a scalpel. For instance, you probably don’t need a dining room, a breakfast nook and five stools at the kitchen counter.

Combining like spaces and trimming out wasted, unused space will leave funds for

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Colorado’s home prices increased 4.83 percent from the second quarter of 2011 to the second quarter of 2012, improving its ranking from 38th  to ninth, according to the Federal Housing Finance Authority.

U.S. house prices rose 1.8 percent from the first quarter of 2012 to the second, the biggest increase since the fourth quarter of 2005, the FHFA reports. Year-over-year, national home prices increased 3.03 percent in the second quarter of 2012 compared with the same three months in 2011, which means the U.S. performed better than some of the top 25 states.

Colorado landed among the top 10 states despite the fact that none of its seven metros’ appreciation rates were among the top 20 metros’ prices. The Denver-Aurora-Broomfield metro had the

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All Chad Hamby has done in his adult life is install fences and decks.

Chad & Marissa Hamby

“I’ve been doing it since I was 19 years old,” he says. “I went straight into the work force (from high school).” After six years of working for someone else, Chad started his own business in 2000 – when he was only 25 years old.

And that’s impressive when you consider his business, Alpha Fencing LLC – soon to be Alpha Fencing and Deck LLC – has survived one of the biggest economic recessions the nation has ever seen. It continues to withstand the economic uncertainty that has succeeded the recession.

It’s even more impressive when you consider the business has remained without the use of a website, relying on Angie’s List and the old-fashioned phone book and referrals for

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Boulder County area markets posted yet another month of year-over-year increases in both single-family and attached-unit sales in July, though they are showing signs of premature slowing.

July’s 422 single-family sales represented a 26.3 percent increase over the 334 single-family sales in July 2011, and the 149 condo/townhome sales equaled a nearly 45 percent jump over the 103 sales of attached dwellings a year ago.

“It’s actually very positive,” says Ken Hotard, senior vice president of public affairs for the Boulder Area Realtor Association.

However, the change compared with June was much less impressive, with single-family sales actually dropping 14.9 percent.

“That really sort of signals the seasonal slowdown in activity, which I think is

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