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Sales of Boulder County homes dipped in July, which could be the sign of a typical seasonal pullback.

Single-family home sales in Boulder County dropped 15.3 percent in July 2016 compared to last month – 443 units vs. 523 – while condominium and townhome sales fell 17.8 percent – 138 units vs. 168 units.

“This is a fairly significant pullback for July,” said Ken Hotard, senior vice president of public affairs for the Boulder Area Realtor® Association.

But Hotard thinks factors could mean this is more than a summer slowdown, including rising prices, tight credit, and continued inventory challenges.

“Buyers slowed their activity significantly in the month of July. There was some improvement in inventory, but not enough. Inventory continues to

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Millennials seeking homeownership are taking a close look at Denver – and many are stepping up to buy.   

The Colorado city is the No. 3 best city in the U.S. for young home buyers to purchase a home, according to a recent report from the National Association of Realtors®.

The association looked at employment, population, income, and housing condition data in the nation’s biggest metro areas to arrive at the top 10 list. The top two cities are Austin, TX, and Charleston, SC, ranked first and second on the list, respectively.

Denver’s boomtown reputation, characterized by young adults streaming in, is supported by the numbers. The area had the second largest number of millennials moving in, with a 27.7 percent share of movers in the millennial age

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Significantly more homes became available for sale in June to the benefit of would-be Boulder County buyers looking for their next home, according to real estate statistics published by the Boulder Area Realtor® Association.

The jump in inventory is a welcome surprise in a real estate market marked by persistent low inventory and high demand.

The largest inventory increase – 36 percent – showed in condominiums and townhomes for sale in Boulder County in June 2016 with 117 units available compared to 86 in May.  

Inventory for single-family homes improved 15.4 percent in June compared to May – 914 units versus 792 units.

The surge in inventory appears to be price related, notes Ken Hotard, senior vice president of public affairs for the Boulder

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Mid-summer's soaring temperatures and scant little rainfall put stress on Boulder County lawns, leaving them browning and dry.   

But homeowners want a green landscape all summer long, even with rising water bills and concerns about water usage. A healthy lawn ensures front yard curb appeal and a pleasing landscape for backyard barbecues.  Here are two solutions to this dilemma, one to be implemented immediately, and one better done in the fall or spring.

Fall Strategy: Create a low maintenance lawn - Lush, green lawns account for one-third of the water used in America, according to Bradley Tuttle’s Real Estate Update. To turn your water-thirsty lawn into a low maintenance lawn, follow these tips offered by the Update. 

1-Switch your grass type

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Boulder ranks first for the lowest stress levels among 500 U.S. cities, according to SmartAssets 2016 analysis of factors that typically affect stress levels in 500 cities.

That’s a move up from last year’s No. 4 position in the first-ever stress ranking of cities by SmarAssets, which gives the city a consistent record of being in the top five.  

Why is Boulder so stress-free?

The 34.7-hour work-week, 15-minute average commute, low rates of bankruptcy and divorce – 0.14 and 7.9 percent, respectively – and a healthful 7.12 hours of sleep nightly are high-ranking factors for the city.  

But Boulder did not take the No. 1 position by coming out on top on any single factor ranked in the report. It was the city’s overall performance that won,

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When it comes to stable growth in single-family home real estate, Boulder – and Colorado – are crushing it.

Three of the top 10 most stable housing markets for growth and stability in the U.S. are in Colorado, according to the 2016 SmartAsset study of single-family home data.

Boulder came out way ahead -- 37 percentage points -- of the closest contender in the analysis, ranking for the second year in a row as the No. 1 housing market of the 358 largest urban markets in the U.S.

Boulder’s overall growth rate is 308 percent since 1991. Since 1990, home prices have grown an average of 4 percent per year and are approaching a price level that has nearly quadrupled.

Even more important to many homeowners, the study shows the odds in Boulder of a 5

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If adding that second gaming system took you over the edge of your wire-clutter threshold, it’s time to conquer the jumble of cords lurking behind your electronic nooks. Whether it’s the TV room or home office, bringing organization to wire chaos makes your home look its best and you feel better.

Here are seven elegantly simply solutions to keep your wires straight, offered by®.

Untangle and label each cord

First, unplug the cords from the power source and untangle each cord. You want to find the source of the cord and add two simple labels, one on each end of the cord. Now you can simply and accurately, unplug and re-plug any device accurately – an excellent first step in gaining control over the wad of wires threatening your

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Job growth in the Denver metro-area will continue to surge ahead, according to Forbes 2016 annual review of the Best Cities for Job Growth in the U.S.

Forbes ranked Denver-Aurora-Lakewood as the No. 7 hottest market for jobs in the U.S. in their annual ranking of the Best Cities for Job Growth in the U.S.

The analysis looks at the nation’s largest 70 metropolitan areas with more than 450,000 jobs to determine which metros are the likely leaders in employment growth for 2016.

Two California cities clocked the top spots for the third year in a row, evidence that the boom in technology is still creating jobs. Considered by many to be the “twin capitals” of the tech industry San Francisco-Redwood City-San Francisco, CA Metro Division claimed the No.

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Boulder-area May real estate sales statistics continue to tell a story of rising prices, strong demand and low inventory.

And in the rising prices category, the May chapter is about Niwot. 

“Niwot has become a million-dollar-home spot. While there were only a few sales, 11 over the past two months, both months show an average sales price in excess of one million,” says Ken Hotard, vice president of public affairs for the Boulder Area Realtor® Association.

Niwot’s average and median sales price for May are $1.5 and $1.3 million, respectively, resulting in the second consecutive month for the average monthly sales price to surpass $1 million. The cumulative effect brought May’s year-to-date average sales price across 23 sales to just over $1

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Boulder is the second most bike-commuting city of its size in the U.S., according to the League of American Bicyclists third edition of “Where We Ride: An Analysis of Bicycling in American Cities.”

Nearly 9 percent of Boulder workers pedaled their way to work regularly in 2014, says the League. Berkeley, CA, with close to 10 percent of the population biking to work, edged Boulder out of first place by less than one percent.

The League’s analysis is based on 2014 data from the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey, when respondents ages 16 and older nationwide were asked what mode of transportation they used to “usually get to work.”

Fort Collins rounded out the top five, taking the No. 5 spot for highest percentage of bikers among cities

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