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I consider myself incredibly lucky; I'm one of those people who really love their work! I have been a real estate agent for over 25 years and I can't imagine doing anything else.

I majored in archeology and art history at Missouri State University. Having always had an appreciation for form and structure, line and design, my studies further developed those inherent sensibilities, as have my travels to some of Central and South America’s and Europe's most significant archeological and architectural sites.

Once licensed as a Realtor in Dallas, I went into business buying, remodeling, and reselling vintage homes. These were fun days! I'd identify a house with potential, buy it and create a vision in my mind of how I'd want it remodeled. My contractors and I (yes, I love the dirty work) worked off my design ideas and voila, the house would be transformed and then I'd sell it an excited new home owner.

I loved my years in Dallas not just because of my successful business- but I'd also met my wonderful husband, Steve. Beyond my work, the two great loves in my life are my husband Steve, a creative photographer and our remarkable son, Angus. Seventeen year-old Angus is in the 11 grade at an alternative high school in Boulder and is thriving. Steve and I moved to Boulder 18 years ago because we love the climate and the outdoors – hiking, biking and camping in the summer and skiing and snowshoeing in the winter. The transition to Boulder was easy. Besides taking pleasure in the outdoors, I love my home and I love to entertain and garden.

I've been working in residential real estate sales in Boulder for the past 17 years, serving the entire Front Range. Ninety percent of my business comes from repeat and direct referrals from satisfied clients. My clients, who often become my friend’s say that I'm a “savvy market analyst”, that I'm “practical, personable, open and communicative”, and “a real optimist”. I think they're spot on!

Professionally I promise to:

 Actively protect and promote your best interests.
 Represent your position in an honest and favorable way.
 Negotiate with skill in a competitive market.
 Advice and counsel you about the market and all aspects of your transaction.
 Help you research and verify information about the property.
 Anticipate common roadblocks.
 Conduct my job with absolute integrity.

If you're looking to buy or sell, call me, Ande Rice, and let's chat ... oh, I did mention that I just love to talk real estate, didn't I?

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