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Whether you’re a long-time homeowner or a first-time homebuyer, you stand to benefit from the new federal tax credit when purchasing a home. An educated consumer is an empowered consumer and it is crucial that you know what you might miss by not calling a Realtor® and acting promptly. So, to get an education, I highly recommend this most thorough and comprehensive website: 


The information found here is extensive, with a question/answer forum and an Eligibility Test to help determine if you qualify for the tax credits. According to Joseph Rand, founder of the website, “This site explains virtually anything and everything a buyer needs to know about the program, and it has the country’s best resources on the tax credit.”

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The Princeton Review has released its 2010 rankings for “Best Value” colleges and universities. They ranked CU Boulder 5th out of 100 schools as one of the best values available to students seeking a good education at a reasonable price. The schools were selected based on surveys given to administrators and students at more than 650 public and private institutions.

This is good news for CU students; knowing they are getting a good education for their buck.  But, it’s even better news for parents who might be footing the higher education bill.

This seems like a good segue into acquiring real estate for your student(s) to live in while studying at our fine university.  “Kiddie condos” as they are affectionately called can be a great investment. If

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The residential real estate market in Boulder Valley is predicted to make a slow recovery in 2010. This is a good prognosis for the New Year for RE/MAX of Boulder’s 86 full-time Realtors®, and it’s also excellent news for all homeowners and first-time homebuyers who plan to take the plunge into home ownership this year to take advantage of the tax credits.

According to Ken Hotard, senior vice president of the Boulder Area Realtor Association, “The worst is likely over, but don’t expect a quick recovery. Jobs are still a problem and until we see job growth, there will be no significant recovery in the housing market.”  But he also states that if you’re in the position to buy, with access to credit or cash, this is the BEST time to buy.  Low interest

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“The wheels on the bus go round and round”….this quaint children’s song can refer to our economy as well. We need to help get the wheels of the housing market turning again. Housing is the center, the lifeline, of our country's economic engine. On Nov. 6, 2009, President Barack Obama did his part by signing into law an extension and expansion of the homebuyer tax credit.  This act is being hailed by both economists and real estate leaders as a significant part of our government’s efforts to boost the American economy. According to an article by Maria Patterson & Stephanie Andre in RIS Media, the estimated cost of the homebuyer tax credit, part of the Worker, Homeownership & Business Assistance Act of 2009, is $18.5 billion, yet another mind-boggling sum

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The Editors of Money magazine examined its list of the top 100 Best Places to Live and identified these 10 counties where the living is easy and the unemployment rate is far below the 10% national average.

1. Cass County, ND - 3.4% unemployment
2. Madison County, NE - 3.9%
3. Platte County, NE - 4%
4. Sarpy County, NE - 4.7%
5. Dallas County, IA - 4.7%
6. Grafton County, NH - 5.1%
7. Dane County, WI - 5.2%
*8. Boulder County, CO- 5.3%
9. Roanoke County, VA - 5.6%
10. Saline County, AK - 5.7%

Source: CNNMoney.com (12/29/2009)
BLS unemployment data is from Oct 2009, the most recent available.

*8. Boulder County, Colorado

Towns include: Boulder, Superior, Longmont, Louisville, Lafayette, Lyons, Nederland, Niwot
Best Places to Live rank: 13th

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