February 2010

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The Olympics are inspiring! I love watching the nightly coverage.  The Colorado athletes are making us proud, aren’t they? Their spirit and perseverance are qualities to be emulated and we watch with admiration and awe. At this halfway point, the United States has won 20 medals: six Gold, six Silver, and eight Bronze.  We’re proud to be Americans when we see our own standing on the podium and the Star Spangled Banner is playing.

RE/MAX of Boulder is proud to claim one of the athletes as almost-family.  Our own Realtor® Chad St. Onge has a younger brother, Ryan, competing in the Freestyle Aerials next week. Tune in to the NBC coverage on Monday, Feb. 22nd and again on Thursday, Feb. 25th to watch him do some wild and crazy stuff. Or check out his

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Experts are predicting a brighter forecast for 2010.  Just what we need to hear. Economists across the board seem to have a common theme:  recovery will be slow, but the most painful times are over. Since the summer of 2009, U.S. and global economic growth is underway and this will pave the way for Colorado economic growth.
According to Richard Wobbekind, economist for the University of Colorado Leeds School of Business, Colorado will still rank among the top 10 states for job creation in 2010. Colorado’s unemployment rate is predicted to be 7.3% for 2010. That is good news for the many unemployed people in Colorado and it casts a sunny future for the housing sector as well.

With the help of the most attractive 30-year fixed rate conventional

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When business is going better than usual, it’s easy to forget about the past. We get wrapped up in all the day-to-day business details, the unending emails and voicemails.  But, I think it’s important to take a look at the past and see when we hit bottom and whether we’re truly bouncing back from some shaky economic times. The real estate sales at RE/MAX of Boulder, Inc. seem to be picking up, which just might be a strong indicator of an upturn in the economy and more importantly, peoples’ confidence levels.   

Here are some statistics for the past seven years that give the number of Under Contracts and total Sales Volume in the month of January reflecting that the bottom might have been in 2008/2009 and now we’re seeing some remarkable recovery

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Don’t you just hate it when a really good sale ends, or a great deal passes you by?  You shake your head and tell yourself that next time you’ll get on the stick and act rather than snooze. Well, I’m here to yell “WAKE UP”. It’s now March 18th and the clock is ticking…..only 44 days left to get your tax credit.  If you’ve never owned a home before, you’ve probably heard about the First Time Homebuyer Credit and are either shopping for homes right now, hopefully using a Realtor®, or are already under contract, waiting to close on your first home.  The truth is, current homeowners should wake up and pay attention to a great deal being offered right now. 

There is no requirement that existing homeowners must have sold their home to be eligible for the

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