February 2011

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For buyers looking at houses or condos to purchase, buying green may be something you want to consider. There are many benefits to "going green," including an increased boost in energy efficiency; however, it's important to know what to look for when house hunting.

The first important thing to check is the home's heating and cooling system. The heating and cooling system of a house is a dead giveaway. Depending on the climate, a radiant floor heating system is more efficient because it pumps heated water through tubing under the floor surface, rather than traditional hot air or water units. Radiant heating allows for more even heating and may even result in cleaner air due to less dust moving. Having an on-demand water-heating unit also helps with

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If you think you're ready to put your home on the market, you may need to think again. Many sellers sometimes overlook certain aspects of the selling process that may facilitate their ability to sell. By spending some time to prepare your home for the process, you can entice buyers and bids and quickly sell your home.

The outside of the home is a perfect place to start. The first thing a prospective buyer sees is the outside of the home. Having a clean exterior with plenty of curb appeal is imperative in any sort of market. Consider power washing the outside of the home for a fresh shine. Clean any rain gutters as well as outside windows and screens. Sellers may even want to update their front door to give it an inviting feel. A new coat of paint or

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When most buyers apply for a mortgage, they frequently request an inspection as well. In fact, more than 85% of home buyers request an inspection as a way to uncover hidden faults and costly repairs that may need to be taken care of. Most sellers wait for the buyer to broach the subject, however, there are a few reasons why it might be beneficial for sellers to get your property inspected before putting it on the market.

For buyers taking a first look at a home, an inspection is extremely reassuring. There's always a possibility of termites, faulty wiring or other potential calamity lingering in the minds of buyers. Providing a pre-inspection puts the buyer's mind at ease and will make them feel more comfortable about placing a bid. Your pre-inspection

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