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This week is ending with treasuries retreating slightly from their week long rise with the 10 year T-bill moving from a low of 1.63% to a high Thursday of 1.84%.  Late Friday the 10 year was down to 1.81%.  This is basically a .25% rise in the past week.  Mortgage rates obediently followed rising from 3.5% to 3.75% on the 30 year fixed,

After a slew of very positive, on the surface, reports early in the week, the two major reports late in the week, Housing starts and the Jobless Claims came in right on consensus. In this case, consensus means where predicted, not strong.  A possible downer from the end of the week is that Consumer Sentiment is still weak.  Consumers just aren’t buying into the “All-is-Getting-Better” philosophy.  That might be

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If you've been in Boulder for a week, or a whole lifetime, chances are you've heard of Lucky's Market.

Lucky's market is a locally-owned and operated supermarket located in North Boulder at Broadway and Quince.  They specialize in providing fresh, natural, and organic foods that were locally grown.  Lucky's business model focuses on the Boulder community and they support local farmers as well as many community groups and events.

Lucky's Market has a different vibe than other supermarkets in town.  When you walk in the doors you can taste the freshness of the food and always find yourself spending too much time browsing around at all the delectable eats they offer.  Whether your shopping for a particular meat, seafood, cheese, veggies, catering, or…
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Last Friday we said we didn’t expect much change in rates unless there was a distinct trend in the numerous reports coming out early this week.  Well, there is a definite trend.  The economic news headlines are good across the board and future inflation may be a factor.  In response, the bond market has taken it on the chin with 10 year treasury yields rising to 1.80%, the highest since May.  Mortgage rates have followed suit and 30 year fixed rate mortgages are sitting solidly at 3.75%. 

Here’s a quick look at all the reports.

The Producer Price Index, a measure of inflation, was up 0.3%, above the 0.2% that was expected and the core index (minus the volatile food and energy component) was up 0.4% above the expected 0.3%.  All this is bad for

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By Ike Ikokwu

Billionaire Mark Zuckerberg made news recently when he refinanced the $5.95 million mortgage on his Palo Alto, Calif., home with a 30-year adjustable-rate loan starting at 1.05 percent. The question I keep hearing folks ask is, “Why does a billionaire like Mark need a mortgage on his home? Why doesn't he just pay it off with cash?

That, my friends, is indeed the million-dollar question. The answer lies in the fact that Mark ascribes to my definition of being debt-free. While most financial gurus believe all debt is bad, I don't. I believe that there's good debt and there's bad debt. Bad debt does not increase your personal net worth nor does it provide any tax benefits. Good debt either increases your personal net worth or provides tax

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The 10 year treasury continued its ride on the little kid’s roller coaster.  A slow ride down with a few little bumps followed by a very short but steep uphill and then a little slow down again.  For mortgages it means we're bouncing around on the high and low sides of 3.5%.  Not really too exciting.  So what’s happening?  In a nut shell, we’ve seen some slightly better than expected but not great economic news followed by reports showing that although better, the economy isn’t very strong nor is it really moving in the right direction. It's just that the rest of the world looks worse.

In the past week, we’ve seen US productivity improve (good news) but we’re not selling anything (bad news).  We’ve seen jobless claims decrease and this week was no

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Does it appear your home is on its last breath and you haven’t got the funds to save it?

 Perhaps Flatirons Habitat for Humanity can breathe life into it.

The organization’s Community Preservation and Restoration (CPR) Home Rehabilitation program provides means for home owners with low or moderate incomes to improve their homes to standards of safety and code compliance.

 Residents who live in their sole residences in the Boulder Valley School District or the city and county limits of Broomfield and qualify may borrow up to $20,000 for repairs and improvements to their homes, including:

 Electrical, heating, plumbing, roofing and structural repair;

 Items to promote energy efficiency and lower utility expenses;

 Other repairs or

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Treasury yields and mortgage rates started climbing Friday afternoon and have continued through the first part of the week.  The 10 year treasury passed through the 1.6% level and bounced against 1.63% today before a slight retreat. Thirty year mortgage rates are barely hanging onto 3.5%, up from 3.375% a week ago.  Not big movements but possibly a sign that we’ll be moving away from the bottom. 

There isn’t any one single thing that is moving rates.  The markets have decided to see the economic reports as a glass half full instead of half empty.  We are seeing a few positive reports but nothing strong nor consistent.  The trend will be determined by today’s large bond auction. The size of the auction is causing speculation of the need for an increased

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USA PRO Cycling Challenge

The USA PRO Challenge is already one of the biggest Pro Cycling Races in North America, on the same level of the Tour of California.  The USA Pro Challenge will finish Stage 6 in Boulder, Colorado on August 25, 2012, to reignite the cycling fire started during the Coors Classic years. It is now dubbed the biggest single sporting event to hit Colorado!  Approximately 250,000 people are expected to be on hand in Boulder, Colorado, to cheer the cyclists from all over the globe.   This year the Boulder stage will finish on Flagstaff Mountain.  Flagstaff Mountain is known across the planet to the cycling world.  Most any world class American Cyclist knows how long it takes to get from the 17th Street  stoplight on Baseline Road to

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Although the Boulder area markets improved once again in June, they are already showing signs of slowing down.

The 496 sales of single-family homes in June was a 21.5 percent increase compared with 408 sales a year ago, and the 132 condominiums and townhomes that sold in June represented a 29 percent increase over the 102 sales in June 2011.

Ken Hotard, senior vice president of public affairs for the Boulder Area Realtor® Association, says June’s statistics demonstrate “consistent improvement, but the gains are smaller than the last three months, suggesting a slowdown as we enter mid-summer heading toward fall.”

That’s more apparent if comparing June’s sales with May’s: single-family home sales in June increased only 17.5 percent over the month

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Nothing says “welcome to my home” quite like an impressive entryway. Attention to detail and some added extra touches of hospitality can transform any “ho hum” entry into a warm and inviting approach to the home.

Mark Clement, a professional contractor, recommends homeowners start with the basics. Evaluate the look and condition of the front door. Determine if the current door needs to be replaced or just enhanced with some decorative pediments, crossheads and pilasters.

“A front door should have good energy efficiency features, a snug fit to the frame and an appealing color,” says Clement, host of the home improvement radio show MyFixItUpLife. “If you’re missing any of those elements, then I would invest in a new front entryway.


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