October 2012

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Despite popular belief, seniors aren’t necessarily flocking to either coast to spend their retirements, and that bodes well for Colorado.

According to MoneyRate.com, today’s seniors, with the recession depleting their retirement savings, are thinking about more than the climate when considering where to spend the last years of their lives.

In the search for the best states to retire, MoneyRates.com's Richard Barrington analyzed what he says are the seven key factors seniors should consider: cost of living, property taxes, violent crime rates, climate, life expectancy for seniors, recent population growth in the senior demographic and unemployment.

“Retirees and young people have very different concerns,” Barrington tells Business Insider.

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Mark Snead, an economist and founder/president of RegionTrack Inc., will talk about the “Economic Climate for Commercial Real Estate” at the 2012 Boulder Valley Real Estate Conference and Forecast.

RegionTrack is an Oklahoma City-based research firm specializing in regional economic forecasting and analysis. Mark's research interests focus primarily on economic modeling and forecasting and local area economic development.

Prior to founding RegionTrack, Snead served as vice president and Denver branch executive of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. Snead also served as a research economist on the Oklahoma State Econometric Model at Oklahoma State University and was the founding director of OSU's Center for Applied Economic Research. He has a

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Boulder-area home sales in September exceeded those of a year ago but, compared with August, it appears as if the market may be preparing to hibernate a bit as it heads into fall and winter.

The 281 single-family homes that sold in September represented a 15 percent increase over the 244 that sold in September 2011; and the 95 condominiums/townhomes that sold in September was an increase of 7.9 percent over the 88 units that sold a year ago.“Basically, the trends that we started at the end of July are continuing, with our September 2012 sales improving over September 2011,” explains Ken Hotard, senior vice president of public affairs for the Boulder Area Realtor® Association. “The landscape is really positive and relatively unchanged since mid-summer.

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When selling your home, it’s important to understand that your life will be temporarily inconvenienced. Nobody enjoys having strangers traipse through their home on a regular basis, but it’s important to put your need for peace and privacy on hold while your home is for sale.

When an Agent – yours as well as others – calls wishing to bring a buyer to see the home at the last minute, respond favorably, even if it means postponing that brunch you were hosting or your Friday night stay-in pizza and movie tradition. Remember, your goal is to get the home sold, and that can only be accomplished if people get to see it.  Flexibility is the key to a quick sale.

It’s best to plan not to be present when buyers pass through.  It can be awkward for the buyers

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For Boulder residents who have yet to discover the joy of riding a bike on the community’s miles of beautiful trials or the satisfaction of avoiding rush hour traffic by riding a bike to and from work, meet Community Cycles.

From classes on how to fix and maintain bikes to selling restored used bikes, Community Cycles eliminates excuses, such as not having a bike or having one that is broken and dusty hanging in the garage, that prevent folks from using two-wheeled transportation more often.

Rich Points was in the Environmental Leadership master’s program at Naropa University when he started a bike shop as his community project with the assistance of Wanda Pelegrina Caldas in 2006, according to Alexey Davies, membership director for Community

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The time has come once again for the Boulder Valley Real Estate Conference and Forecast, set for Thursday, Nov. 15, at the Millennium Harvest House Hotel, 1345 28th St. in Boulder.

 The conference will cover such topics as:

• The economic and financial conditions necessary to drive new construction;

 • What municipalities are doing to promote redevelopment or new development of infill areas;

• Pricing luxury homes in the Boulder market;

• What has brought national developers to the Boulder Valley and what are their plans;

 • Strategies for succeeding in today’s real estate market;

 • Residential and commercial forecasts.

National experts will talk about the latest trends in residential real estate and mortgage lending and what’s

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While the Boulder-area real estate markets continued to demonstrate resilience in August, with sales and prices surpassing those of August 2011, it was obvious the fall slowdown had come early.

The 376 single-family sales in August were a 12.2 percent increase compared with the 335 sales in August 2011. And the 122 condominium/townhome sales in August 2012 were an increase of 3 percent over the 118 sales the year before.

“We closed out the summer continuing our very positive trend,” says Ken Hotard, senior vice president of public affairs for the Boulder Area Realtor® Association.

However, August’s single-family home sales represented a 10.2 percent decrease from 422 sales in July, and the attached unit sales saw an 18 percent drop from the 149

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If you’ve foregone building your dream home because of fears that you couldn’t get everything you want without spending a fortune plus your retirement, think again.

According to Zillow, simple planning can result in getting the home you want without going broke. It recommends following these seven tips to beat the high cost of construction and home improvement;

1. Go smaller and smarter

Smaller homes are less expensive to build, but Zillow recommends avoiding randomly hacking away with a machete and approaching it more like a surgeon with a scalpel. For instance, you probably don’t need a dining room, a breakfast nook and five stools at the kitchen counter.

Combining like spaces and trimming out wasted, unused space will leave funds for

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Colorado’s home prices increased 4.83 percent from the second quarter of 2011 to the second quarter of 2012, improving its ranking from 38th  to ninth, according to the Federal Housing Finance Authority.

U.S. house prices rose 1.8 percent from the first quarter of 2012 to the second, the biggest increase since the fourth quarter of 2005, the FHFA reports. Year-over-year, national home prices increased 3.03 percent in the second quarter of 2012 compared with the same three months in 2011, which means the U.S. performed better than some of the top 25 states.

Colorado landed among the top 10 states despite the fact that none of its seven metros’ appreciation rates were among the top 20 metros’ prices. The Denver-Aurora-Broomfield metro had the

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One thing that many homeowners fail to do on a regular basis is take a home inventory. But taking a look at what is actually in your home is an important part of keeping your valuables safe. If there’s a burglary, flood or fire, your insurance company is going to want to know what you had before they’ll agree to give you the funds to replace it. And if you don’t already have insurance, taking an inventory can help you get an idea of whether you really need it. Another time it’s crucial to have a solid home inventory? When you’re moving.

I have seen many homeowners overwhelmed with the amount of items they are trying to move to a new property. They want to ensure it makes it safely from place A to place B, and sometimes they are nervous about handing

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