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Interest rates improved Monday and Tuesday, then lost some ground late on Wednesday.  Thirty year mortgage rates drifted down close to 3.5% before the bond market fell off mid-day Wednesday.  Shortly before close, the 10 year treasury was trading at 1.89%, off the day's low of 1.84%.  This is a major improvement over Friday's close of 1.96% or Monday's high of 2.00%.  The improvement is due mostly to the flight to safety worldwide as the uncertainty of Italy's elections pushed the Italian bonds up a full half percent.  The nervousness also affected rates in Portugal, Spain and Greece and most of the movement was to the safety of US Bonds despite our looming sequester cuts.  The thinking is that the potential negative economic impact of the sequester cuts

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Finally! The anticipated winter snow is here! It’s been a very dry winter for us in Colorado, but the snow storms have seemed to be picking up. I’m sure there are mixed emotions of the snow arrival, but regardless the snow is here!

With the snow comes the good and the bad. Flights have been cancelled and roads have been terrible, but that just gives travelers the excuse to spend more time in beautiful Colorado and gives the working people the opportunity to call in sick! Take time off work and spend some time doing those fun winter activities with friends and family!

Ski resorts have been praying for snow all winter! I’m sure many skiers and snowboarders have headed to the mountains to take advantage of that fresh snow. Driving around Sunday during

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If you’ve ever heard of or been to the Unseen Bean coffee shop you probably thought it was just another average coffee hang out in Boulder. The story behind the name says it all. Gerry Leary, the owner and founder of the Unseen Bean, has surely never seen a coffee bean. Born with impaired vision, Gerry has worked through the typical struggles of being blind. Despite his vision impairment Gerry has now owned two businesses.

Meeting with Gerry and learning more about his life was a remarkable experience. Throughout the interview I became more and more impressed with what Gerry has accomplished in life. Not only does he own the Unseen Bean, he also owned a very successful auto repair shop called Gerry’s Auto Service.

Along with owning the shop Gerry

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A very good two days for the 10 year bond and mortgage rates.  We've seen the 10 year bond fall from Wednesday's high of 2.04% (mortgage rates were at 3.75%) down to today's 1.96%.  The question is why, given Wednesday's pessimistic outlook?

On the report front, yesterday's Consumer Price Index (inflation measure) came in less than expected which is great for rates.  That's two inflation reports in a row showing very little inflation on the horizon and bonds love that.

Jobless Claims were up more than expected and last week's numbers were revised up slightly.  That's compounded with the fact that it was only a four day week and four states were estimated since they had mandatory furlough days.  Those factors put a more pessimistic (for the economy

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Boulder has a thriving and eclectic food scene. We can add Cuban cuisine to that scene. Local restaurant, Cuba-Cuba Sanwicheria, seems to be here for awhile. Located off of Arapahoe in The Village Shopping Center next door to Boulder Ski Deals, Cuba-Cuba serves authentic Cuban sandwiches and plates. The plates are accompanied with amazing rice and beans. I never thought much of rice and beans but Cuba-Cuba’s are damn flavorful. There are also several side dishes available.

Of course a restaurant couldn’t survive in Boulder without catering to the health conscious (or crazy), so a majority of the plates are gluten-free and a gluten-free hoagie is available for the sandwiches. They even have a designated gluten free fryer; they did they’re homework.

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Since Friday's close, we've seen rates drop further, lose those improvements and then some, with the 10 year Treasury climbing to 2.035% before retreating slightly this afternoon. Thirty year mortgage rates hit 3.75% this morning before dropping back to 3.625% and the cause?  Mostly just a pessimistic outlook about where we're headed. The reports aren't supporting the climb.   Yesterday, the Housing Market Index, a report of moderate importance, showed traffic is down in the new home market and more builders are describing the market as bad than good.  The consensus was a reading of 48, up 1 point from last month. The reality was a reading of 46, 2 off of consensus and down 1 from last month.  That should be good for rates.  

Today's Housing Starts was

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Generation Y—also known as the Millennials—are now of the age where they may be thinking about home buying. And as the market picks up, we will start to see many renters in their mid 20s to early 30s jumping on the home-buying bandwagon. To help educate those considering becoming a first-time homeowner, here are the top 6 benefits to owning your own home.

1. Appreciation

Real estate is the best financial investment you can make. And despite the fact that the market moves in cycles, in general, real estate continues to appreciate.  Putting your money into a home is financially smarter than letting it sit in the bank, or sinking it into stocks. You are literally living in your investment.

2. Property Tax Deductions

Real estate property taxes

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Since Wednesday we've had economic news that has been good for bonds and bad for bonds. So the roller coaster ride for rates is continuing within a small range technically but it is affecting mortgage interest rates since we're riding the cusp between 3.5% and 3.625%.  Yesterday morning we were solidly in the 3.625% range and it looked as though we were heading for 3.75%.  After a successful 30 year bond auction yesterday afternoon, we saw rates decline and early today rates were close to bumping back down to 3.5%.  Then we saw several somewhat important manufacturing reports and the 10 year bond jumped back up taking mortgage rates with it.  The most damaging to interest rates was the Empire State Manufacturing Survey which surged a huge 18 points to

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Mortgage interest rates increased slightly on the week as economic data was mostly stronger than expected. Economic data stronger than expected included January Retail Sales, weekly jobless claims, January Capacity Utilization, the University of Michigan Consumer Sentiment Index, and the February New York Empire State Manufacturing Index. January Industrial Production was weaker than expected but December and November numbers were revised upward reflecting the largest gains in Industrial Production since February of 1984. The Treasury auctioned $72 billion in 3 Year Notes, 10 Year Notes, and 30 Year Bonds which were met with mixed demand from markets. Markets continue to monitor the sequestration talks between Congress and the President to

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Not until today have I exerted any amount of thought on the origins of Valentine’s Day. After a quick Google search, naturally, and some skimming, I arrived at a www.history.com explanation that I like. So I’m quoting it instead of the other accounts that I’m sure are historically accurate. The romantic association with February 14th is explained on the website:

“During the Middle Ages, it was commonly believed in France and England that February 14 was the beginning of birds' mating season, which added to the idea that the middle of Valentine's Day should be a day for romance.”

Without crossing into murky waters, today does not have to be solely for the love birds. Life moves so quickly these days that, it’s easy to take people and time for granted.

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