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Pessimism on the economy finally won out. After failing to crack the 1.68% support level four times, the bellwether 10 year bond saw the bottom fall out today and mortgage rates followed suit as 30 year mortgage rates finally dropped to 3.375%.  For the past several weeks we've been talking about the investment market not being convinced that rates would stay down for a prolonged period.  Today the investors capitulated and moved to the lower bond coupon as 10 year rates dropped from 1.70% to 1.65% at mid-afternoon.  That's the lowest rate since the end of December.  Great news for a spring weekend of home buying.

Since Wednesday, we've seen two major reports plus the not-normally-so-important Consumer Sentiment Report. Yesterday's Jobless Claims

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Some excitement in the market yesterday but no real movement.  Yesterday morning we saw a very sharp drop in rates as a hacker sent out a tweet that the White House had been bombed.  With that tweet the markets lost about $200 billion dollars in value and the bond market dropped sharply, lowering interest rates and bond yields.  AP quickly announced the hoax and the bond market quickly recovered, closing the day 1 tick above its starting point of 1.69%. All that seems harmless unless you were one of the investors who moved out of positions at a loss on a hoax.  Today has been uneventful and at mid-day the 10 year bond was trading in the same range as yesterday.

So far this week we've seen Existing Home Sales come in below expectations.  Most all of the

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Most people understand what “baby-proofing” a home is, but “elder-proofing?” 

Just as not every home is suited for babies and toddlers, neither are they necessarily equipped for seniors who are living longer.

But the longer seniors reside in homes – whether their own or their adult children’s – that aren’t suited to their particular safety requirements, the greater their risk of suffering a personal injury, according to Yahoo! Homes.

The practice of “elder-proofing” a home may require extensive remodeling in some cases, but homeowners can do a number of things with just a toolbox, a few smart ideas and a weekend.

Here are seven handy tips Yahoo! Homes suggests to “elder-proof” a home:

Keep the nightlights on – 
Eyesight tends to deteriorate with

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Rates Flat Despite Weaker than Expected Economic Data Mortgage interest rates were flat again this past week as economic data continued to be mostly weaker than expected.  Economic data weaker than expected included the April New York Empire State Manufacturing Survey, the April NAHB Housing Market Index, March Building Permits, weekly jobless claims, March Leading Economic Indicators, and the April Philadelphia Fed Business Index.  Economic data stronger than expected included March Housing Starts, March Industrial Production, and March Capacity Utilization.  Inflation data was tame as the March Consumer Price Index fell 0.2% on expectations that it would be unchanged.  Year over year, CPI is up just 1.50%, lower than the Fed’s 2.0% target.  Also of

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This spring has been snowy but RE/MAX of Boulder is red hot. At a weekly Tuesday sales meeting, Managing Broker DB Wilson broke-down the first quarter numbers for RE/MAX of Boulder.

Since January 1st, RE/MAX of Boulder has completed 594 transactions, 263 of which took place during the month of March alone. Their total volume for March was $131,000,000! The single best month ever for RE/MAX of Boulder.We are truly grateful to those who have made RE/MAX of Boulder part of your family, you're certainly a part of ours.

We are looking forward to another great summer, stop by and say hi at our new digs at 1320 Pearl St. #100, right across from the courthouse. Also, check out our new website www.bouldersource.com to keep up with what's happening in our

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The long bond/mortgage rate rally continues and rates continue to drift downward.  All that's good for homebuyers and Realtors.  The bellwether 10 year long bond slipped down further on Monday, bounced up some Tuesday morning and then dropped further this morning before a slight adjustment upward this afternoon.  The net result for the bond is it's down to 1.7%, matching last week's brief low.  For mortgage rates it means that 3.5% with no lender points or fees is readily available and a few investors are starting to quote 3.375%.  The 15 year mortgages aren't following suit and there is little demand for 15 year loans nationwide.   Monday's economic reports were weaker than expected and while the Housing Market Index was close to target, the Treasury

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The Boulder metropolitan area is made up of some of the healthiest people in the country, according to the latest Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index.

Boulder ranked No. 2, behind Lincoln, Neb., while Fort Collins-Loveland came in at No. 5. Colorado ranked second among states only to Hawaii, which has held the No. 1 ranking for four consecutive years.

The states that ranked the highest and lowest in 2012 gavw, for the most part, a repeat performance of their health ranking in 2011. Minnesota, Utah and Vermont rounded out the top five healthiest states, while Kentucky, Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas and West Virginia bottoming out the lowest well-being scores.

The state-level data are based on daily surveys conducted from January through December

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Whether saving more money or freeing up cash is the goal, homeowners can consider cutting down their insurance bill by increasing their deductible.

According to Forbes, increasing the insurance deductible – and not just by a few hundred dollars – can do just that.

Depending on the value of the home, savings and income, setting a $2,500 or even a $5,000 to $10,000 deductible can save a homeowner $1,000 a year – and more for owners of higher-valued homes.

When homeowners choose a deductible, they’re picking a number they’re willing and able to spend out of pocket in the case of a loss. It should certainly cover what they would prefer to write a check for versus calling the insurance company.

“We have clients with deductibles of $100,000 fairly

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After a week of climbing rates, the end of the week was great for bonds.  We started the week with rates climbing off their lows of last week and steadily climbing all week.  Yesterday they topped out at 1.80%, up from Friday's low of 1.68%.  For  mortgage rates, we'd moved back up from last week's 3.5% to 3.625% on the 30 year.  This morning the bottom fell out and bonds ended the day back down at 1.72% and we saw mortgage futures ride the bonds down to 3.5%.  All-in-all a great way to end the week. 

So what happened since Wednesday? Yesterday's Initial Jobless Claims report came in below expectations and below the consensus range floor.  Remember, higher jobless claims mean more people are out of work and that's good for rates, bad for the

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Rates Flat on Weaker than Expected Economic Data

Mortgage interest rates were mostly flat on the week as economic data continued to be soft.  Economic data weaker than expected included February Wholesale Inventories, March Retail Sales, the April University of Michigan Consumer Sentiment Index, and February Business Inventories.  Retail Sales fell by the most in nine months and the Consumer Sentiment Index fell to its lowest level since December 2011.  Inflation data was tame as the Producer Price Index was up just 1.1% year over year and core PPI, excluding the food and energy components, was up just 1.7% year over year.  The Treasury auctioned $66 billion in 3 Year Notes, 10 Year Notes, and 30 Year Bonds which were met by markets with somewhat weak

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