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By Karla Bielanski, Realtor, RE/MAX of Boulder

For many in Boulder County, this is the era of finding ways to live large in small spaces. There's no better time to get creative than the holiday season!

As a frequent “more the merrier” party thrower in a series of small homes, and a lover of staging spaces for impact in my real estate business, I’m sharing a little fresh inspiration to make spirits sparkle and get beyond small-house party fear. Even when the size of your guest list makes your square footage feel more like square inches, don’t hold back. Try these tips from me and the

  1.      Conceal Electronics

Wall-mounted televisions are the rage, but a blank screen is not so festive. Either play an amazing slide show

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Saving for a down payment on a home is the most difficult step in the process of buying a home for 25% of first time buyers, according to the National Association of REALTORS (NAR) 2017 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers. Of those buyers, 55% said student loan debt delayed them in saving for a home. Now couple those issues with the high price of real estate in the Boulder area, and it makes it very difficult for first-time buyers to get started. In fact, according to the same profile from NAR, the typical first-time buyer might delay a purchase for three years to save for a down payment. In an appreciating market such as in the Boulder area, purchasing the first home gets harder as time goes on. 

NAR also says that 25% of first-time buyers depended

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Denver receives many ‘Best of’ acclaims and this is one high ranking the city can be especially proud of. The Mile High City ranked No. 1 for recovering more from the Great Recession than any U.S. city.

The Great Recession had a huge impact on the national economy from 2007 to mid-2009. Investors suffered as the S&P Index fell 57 percent. Homeowners saw the housing market crash and home values dropped about 30 percent and unemployment reached about 10 percent nationally.  

Now, in the near decade since, the economy has turned around in many cities – none more than Denver, according to a study by personal finance resource, SmartAsset. Study metrics measured multiple economic factors, including unemployment, income growth, and housing prices.

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Duane Duggan is an award-winner Realtor and author of the book, “Realtor for Life.”

What is a lease option? Otherwise known as a “lease option to buy,” it is an agreement between a buyer and a property owner in which a buyer pays the owner money to purchase the property at a later date. This real estate tool can be a win/win for all parties involved, especially if both the buyer and seller would like to wait to make a transaction.

However, there are many details that need to be worked out to come to a satisfactory agreement. In Colorado, there is no Real Estate Commission-approved lease option form. Therefore, licensees would be practicing law to create such an agreement for clients. With that in mind, it is always a good idea to involve a real

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Our lobby this holiday season was filled with presents for Share-A-Gift, a local nonprofit which opens a toy shop for low-income families who can choose donated toys, books, bikes, and more as presents for their children. 2,000 children received presents from Share-A-Gift this year.

Our Realtors, staff, clients, and friends generously donated gifts -- and volunteered -- for this incredible cause. Our Realtor Patrick Dolan and his team donated gifts from their holiday party, our Managing Broker Todd Gullette serves on the Board of Share-A-Gift, our Realtor Mary Arnold Grow is a volunteer and will be up for Board election in the spring, and our Realtor Lisa Wade is a long-time volunteer and former Board member. Volunteers from our office also

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Address                                                     Date                             RE/MAX of Boulder Realtor

1223 Northview Drive, Erie                        Sat 1 – 3                        Denise Patryas/Shelly Jones                    

631 Grand Meadows Dr., Longmont          Sat 2 – 4                        Jon Hatch  

5055 Ralston St. A, Boulder                      Sun 1 – 3                        Ann Cooper


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Address                                                   Date                             RE/MAX of Boulder Realtor 

1223 Northview Drive, Erie                      Sat 11 – 2                      Denise Patryas/Shelly Jones                  


6880 Totara Place, Niwot                         Sun 11 – 1                     Julie Meko        

3601 Arapahoe #304, Boulder                 Sun 12 – 2                     Rich Gribbon                                             

2141 Grove Circle West, Boulder            Sun 12 – 2                     Steve Altermatt             

960 8th Street, Boulder                            Sun 12 – 2                     John McElveen 

2547 Concord

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This year electronic real estate transactions have undergone an onslaught of attacks as cyber-criminals attempt to steal wire transfer funds. Yes, even right here in Boulder! Sophisticated hackers have stolen hundreds of thousands of dollars by re-directing wiring instructions in the middle of a real estate transaction. For many clients, their entire life savings have been lost.  

Wire transfers have obvious advantages in efficiently facilitating a real estate transaction, but they have made us all more vulnerable to fraudulent activity. The most common tactic is to hack into the emails of the parties involved in a real estate transaction including the emails of buyers, sellers, real estate agents, title companies, lenders, and so on. The hackers

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October real estate statistics for the Boulder area showed solid gains in sales for the month, though inventory continues to be low, which shows that demand is there, according to Ken Hotard, senior vice president of public affairs for the Boulder Area Realtor® Association.

“We saw some pretty solid gains in sales, despite drops in inventory,” says Hotard.

Sales of single family homes in the Boulder area markets improved 11.4 percent in October compared to September 2017 with 390 homes sold compared to 350. And year-to-date performance is virtually unchanged, improving .16 percent year-to-date through October 2017 – 3,849 homes sold vs. 3,789 through October 2016.

The 126 condominiums and townhomes sold in October increased 13.5 percent

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Address                                                   Date                                          RE/MAX of Boulder Realtor

14300 Waterside Ln E-4, Broomfield       Sat/Sun 10:30 – 12:30               Terri Cox                      

4161 Westcliffe Ct, Boulder                      Sun 11 – 1                                  Brian Sundberg             

5055 Ralston St – A, Boulder                   Sun 1 – 3                                    Ann Cooper                              

3601 Arapahoe Ave #304, Boulder          Sun 2 – 4                                    Rich Gribbon     

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