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Good times in Boulder County and in Colorado will continue said local economic experts at the recent Boulder Economic Forecast. But they caution that 2018 may not reach the heights of 2017, and the difficulties could impact us well beyond next year.

Organized by the Boulder Chamber and the Boulder Economic Council, the 11th annual Boulder Economic Forecast was held on January 17 at the new Embassy Suites Hotel, and RE/MAX of Boulder was among the event’s sponsors.

"By almost every economic indicator we measure, 2017 was an historic year," says Executive Director of the Boulder Economic Council Clif Harald in his opening remarks.

Statistics show a superlative year. Colorado ranked third in the country for the pace of GDP growth, while

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Published in BizWest on December 6, 2017.

The Boulder Valley real estate market has undergone a shift in 2017.  While we began the year in a fairly strong seller’s market, it soon became apparent that the indicators we track were pointing to a shift toward a more balanced market. 

Making predictions is always a risky business, but here are my top three predictions for 2018 and what they will likely mean for people in the market.

1. Appreciation will continue (but at a slower pace). 

While the Boulder area continues to top the country in total appreciation since 1991 (a whopping 371 percent), we have fallen out of the top 10 — to number 19 — nationally in terms of one-year appreciation (10.84 percent according to FHFA). Nevertheless, many

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2547 Concord Circle, Lafayette                     Sat/Sun 12 – 4                      Andrew Muller    

5055 Ralston St A, Boulder                           Sat/Sun 1 – 3                        Ann Cooper        

855 Laurel Ave, Boulder                                Sat/Sun 2 – 4                        Lisa Wade                         

631 Grandview Meadows, Longmont            Sun 10 – 12                          Jon Hatch            

104 Church Court, La Salle                           Sun 11 – 1                            Denise Patryas   

904 Pikes Peak Lane, Louisville                    Sun

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If you’re planning to sell your home this year, timing can make a big difference in your home’s final selling price.

Even though statistics show Boulder County's real estate market remains among the hottest in the country, Realtor.com reports that your “window of opportunity may be rapidly narrowing.”

“We’ve seen two or three years of what could be considered unsustainable levels of price appreciation," says Javier Vivas, director of economic research for realtor.com®.

The key word there is “unsustainable.” Changes on the near horizon suggest you should get going and be among the first to sell your home in 2018. Here are the top five reasons:

1. Interest rates remain historically low

While interest rates have already increased from the

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Are you thinking about building your real estate portfolio, or have you started already? Do you need an income stream? In this three-part series, I will outline why owning a multi-unit rental property could offer benefits that set it apart from single-family rental properties – and I will walk you through the steps and considerations that you can anticipate as you explore this purchase. 

Why invest?

Cash flow    

The primary reason to invest in a multi-unit property is monthly cash flow. As the number of units increase in a single building, the Gross Rent Multiplier (or gross rent for the year compared to the purchase price or GRM) will typically go down. When a multiplier goes down, the monthly cash flow will go up. The GRM is just a quick

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904 Pikes Peak Lane, Louisville        Sat 11-1, Sun 1-3               Denise Patryas/Shelly Jones         

3601 Arapahoe #304, Boulder           Sat 12–2, Sun 1 –1            Rich Gribbon      

289 Jackson Circle, Louisville            Sat 12 – 2                          Elizabeth Ryterski/Laura Shaffer   

860 Aurora Ave, Boulder                    Sat 2-4, Sun 1-4                Lisa Wade                         

6205 Willow Lane, Boulder                Sun 12 – 2                         Laurie Kaufman                

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Article published in the Daily Camera's At Home section on January 19, 2018.

By Dale Pearson, Realtor, RE/MAX of Boulder & Mark Queripel AIA, Principal Architect, MQ Architecture & Design, LLC

Now more than ever, Boulder County is one of the most desirable places to live in the country. Yet many who are moving here are beginning to realize that the most sought-after views and locations are already occupied by older homes. These houses tend to be cramped, dark, and in need of a meaningful remodel to reflect modern design and the latest updates. That’s where your Realtor and a good architect can assist. 

Find the location you want

If you don’t already live in the location you love, then your first step is to call your Realtor and begin the

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1924 Rice St, Longmont                               Sat 1 – 4                  Lisa Wade          

3822 Florentine Circle, Longmont                Sat/Sun 2 – 4           Lynn Ryan


2547 Concord Circle, Lafayette                    Sun 1:30 – 3          Andrew Muller/John Hickey           

631 Grandview Meadows, Longmont           Sun 10 – 12           Jon Hatch    

5055 Ralston St – A, Boulder                       Sun 1 – 3               Ann Cooper       

4120 Eutaw Dr, Boulder                               Sun 1 – 3               Steve Altermatt


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By Caroline Bleicher, Realtor, RE/MAX of Boulder

Our homes reflect the times we live in, and design trends emerging in 2018 continue that tradition. Housing trends focus on “integrating technology and creating healthy and connected living environments," home and garden design book author Barbara Ballinger reported recently in Realtor Magazine. Home design trends also empower multi-generational households with "features that provide an extra pair of hands or calming influence."

Here are some trends to watch out for in 2018.

Integrating Technology

With all of the technology in our homes, apps will become the preferred method to perform day-to-day tasks such as opening blinds and operating sprinkler systems. The number of devices that can be

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Duane Duggan is an award-winner Realtor and author of the book, “Realtor for Life.” 

It’s the new year! Time for a fresh start – for reconsidering your finances and growing your investments. Real estate can be great way to build wealth. Most people start investing in real estate by buying a personal residence. Yet the majority of Americans will stop there in terms of building their real estate portfolio. This is because when people are motivated to buy their first investment property, they are often told they will need a 20- or 25-percent down payment. Finding it tough to save for that large sum, most go no further. However, if you are willing to move from house to house frequently, there is a way to build your portfolio with smaller down

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