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Address                                                          Date                                   RE/MAX of Boulder Realtor             

990 Yellow Pine Ave, Boulder                          Sat 2 – 4                             Elizabeth Ryterski                           

549 Linden Park Ave, Boulder                         Sun 11 – 1                          Brian Sundberg 

303 S. Taft Ct #32, Louisville                           Sun 1 – 3                            Stan Lanzano     

1165 Grape Ave, Boulder                                Sun 12 – 2                          Lynn Ryan/ Clove Berger

3850 Paseo del Prado #9, Boulder                 Sun 12 – 2                           Brian Hellwig

11568 Depew Ct,

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If you live in Boulder and laugh a lot, pat yourself on the back. You – and 100,000 of your neighbors – put Boulder on the happiness chart. 

Fact is, Boulder is the happiest city in America, based on the Gallup-Sharecare Well Being Index. 

Using their experience studying the world’s most thriving populations, National Geographic bestselling author Dan Buettner and Gallup’s social scientists developed an index to assess happiness and identify where Americans are living their happiest lives.

Boulder and two other Colorado cities fare well in that assessment, with Boulder at No. 1, Fort Collins No. 4, and Colorado Springs No. 18.    

In a recent National Geographic story and newly-published The Blue Zones of Happiness, Buettner explained the

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Thinking about buying a vacation home for you and your family to enjoy? There are quite a few things to consider in order to make the vacation home buying experience a happy one. In my previous article, Part 1 of this two-part series, I discussed goals for your vacation home, rental income, and professional property management. In this article, I will outline further considerations that will help guide you toward your purchase.

Should I rent the vacation home long term?

In order to have a vacation home for the future, some families have bought a home and immediately leased it to a long-term tenant, say for a year or more. This is because a long-term tenant right now will help pay for the current expenses of owning it. Then later down the road,

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If you’re a typical homeowner, you may have purchased a personal residence or two over your lifetime, or maybe even an investment property. As your children grow up and move out, you might be thinking about acquiring a permanent place for you and your family to gather for vacations. In fact, Baby Boomers have been buying second homes at a record pace as they reach their retirement years. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to refer many of my clients to Realtors in the locations where they want to buy vacation homes. I have learned that my clients who live in the Boulder area like to vacation at nearby ski resort towns and on tropical islands.

There are quite a few things to consider in order to make the vacation home buying experience a

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Ranked the No. 7 strongest housing market in the U.S., real estate sales in Colorado will remain robust in 2018, according to analysis by credit.com.

The predicted increase is around 3.1 percent. Colorado Springs is emerging as the top city for growth and median home prices are predicted to rise 5.7 percent through 2018. 

Colorado’s home prices saw the sharpest increase in the U.S. over the past two years, reports credit.com. That’s quite a mark, given that 2016 existing home sales nationwide were the strongest they’ve been in a decade, following the worst housing crisis in U.S. history. In 2018, the nation’s housing market’s strength is expected to continue with U.S. home prices expected to rise 4.6 percent.

Here are 10 states that are

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Address                                         Date/Time                                    RE/MAX of Boulder Realtor

479 Blue Lake Tr, Lafayette            Sat/Sun 11 – 1                             Andrea Farinacci            

303 S. Hoover Ave, Louisville        Sat 2 – 4                                        E & L   Team  

5365 Oak Tree Ct, Boulder            Sat/Sun 2 – 4                                Andrea Farinacci            

7320 Island Cr, Boulder                 Sun 1 – 4                                       Dolan Team                    

4863 Briar Ridge Ct, Boulder         Sun 1 – 4                                       Dolan Team                    

7557 Rodeo Dr, Longmont            Sun 1 – 4                     

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Address                                                          Date                                  RE/MAX of Boulder Realtor              

1840 Rue De Trust, Erie                                 Sat 12 – 3                           Tucker Brown     

1924 Rice St, Longmont                                 Sat 1 – 4                             Lisa Wade

904 Pikes Peak Lane, Louisville                     Sun 11 – 1                          Denise Patryas/Shelly Jones              

141 Roosevelt Ave, Louisville                         Sun 1:30-3:30                     E & L Team        

4837 White Rock Cr A, Boulder                      Sun 1 – 3                            Digger Braymiller

206 W. Geneseo St, Lafayette               

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Are you realizing that it’s time to build your real estate portfolio or add an income stream? In this three-part series of articles, I outline why owning a multi-unit rental property could offer benefits beyond single-family rental properties. In my previous article, Part 2 of the series, I detailed areas of consideration for financing and for evaluating a multi-unit property. I also pointed out quick rules of thumb that lenders -- and you, as a potential buyer -- need to review. In this article, I will discuss insurance, closing day, apartment management, and expenses – all of which are critical to your ownership of a multi-unit residential property. 


Just like financing for the multi-unit residential building, insurance for a

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It’s the same old story, but one we love to hear. Boulder County home sales closed 2017 with yet another increase over the previous year, despite ongoing low inventory, according to Ken Hotard, senior vice president of public affairs for the Boulder Area Realtor® Association.

“All in all, the year was positive. Sales increased moderately over 2016 in both single-family and attached residential housing,” says Hotard.

That’s saying a lot, since sales have increased in Boulder County for several years in a row and prices have increased significantly, while inventory levels never cease to become more challenging.

“The past several years have a pattern of similarity. It’s a sure sign that the demand for a home in Boulder County is strong and

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If you are thinking about building your real estate portfolio, or if you need an income stream, this three-part series of articles is for you. In my previous article, Part 1 of the series, I outlined why owning a multi-unit rental property could offer benefits that set it apart from single-family rental properties. I also discussed shopping for a multi-unit property, the contract, establishing an LLC or LLLP, and financing. In this article, Part 2 of this three-part series, I will discuss areas of consideration for financing and for evaluating a multi-unit property.

Quick rules of thumb that lenders -- and you, as a potential buyer -- need to look at include:

Debt Coverage Ratio

In single-family financing, the buyer’s ability to repay is the

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