March 2018

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Address                                        Date                                   RE/MAX of Boulder Realtor

1590 Judson Drive, Boulder          Sat 1 – 4                             John Chamberlin

860 Aurora Ave, Boulder               Sat 1 – 4                             Lisa Wade           

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‘Home for Sale’ signs are popping up like spring tulips in Boulder County, showing early indications the selling season is likely to emerge strong this year.

Those early positive signs are supported by February's Boulder Area Realtor® Association sales stats that mark improvement in inventory and sales for single-family and attached dwellings.

“February showed good recovery in sales and inventory from last month’s slow start to the year,” says Ken Hotard, vice president of public affairs for the Boulder Area Realtor® Association. “It sets buyers and sellers up well going into the top home-selling months of March, April, May and June.”

Inventory increased for single-family and attached Boulder County dwellings in February compared to January.

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Labor statistics are officially confirming what we all know – Colorado’s population is on the rise, with newcomers lured by a strong job market.

By the end of 2017, Colorado had a record year with its fastest rate of growth in almost 20 years, according to the Colorado Department of Labor and Statistics.

Coloradans participating in the labor force increased 141,700 for the year, adding 5,100 nonfarm payroll jobs from November to December for a total of 2,671,500 jobs.

The increase was noticeable compared to the previous month when employers added 1,800 jobs. In fact, November’s gain was higher than the state's 12-month average gain of 3,817 jobs, and higher than the previous four months average gain of 4,800, according to CDLE data.


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Address                                        Date                                   RE/MAX of Boulder Realtor

709 McMillen Way, Nederland       Sat 10 – 1                          Timmy Duggan                

877 Cougar Run, Nederland         Sat 10 – 1                           Scott Ptach                       

860 Aurora Ave, Boulder              Sat/Sun 11 – 1                     Lisa Wade/Andrea Farinacci       

1165 Grape Ave, Boulder             Sat 12 – 2                            Lynn Ryan/Lydia Waskul              


3290 Cripple Creek Trail, Boulder Sun 11 – 1                         Mike Bader                       

700 Tundra Place, Longmont       Sun 1 – 3                            Tom

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Colorado is the third-fastest growing state with a population aged 65+ in the country and Boulder County is also rapidly aging. Reverse mortgages are becoming more popular as Baby Boomers retire and want to maintain their standard of living. The reverse mortgage is a financial tool that has helped many over 62 years old. In my previous article I introduced how to qualify for a reverse mortgage. In this article, I will discuss in more detail the benefits and disadvantages of a reverse mortgage. 

Ideas for using a reverse mortgage:

  •  Provides income when the client is down to their home equity as their last source of retirement income.

  •  Provides income while a retirement portfolio continues to grow.

  •  Supplements income from an
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Chip Bruss has deep roots in Colorado and the Southwest, growing up in Littleton. After attending Southern Utah State University, Chip moved to San Diego, where he founded B&B Communications, an award-winning multimedia production company, producing TV commercials and media communications for companies like Sony, IBM, and Xerox, earning numerous Emmy, Telly, and Addy awards along the way. After 14 years of creative production, Chip sold the company and joined The Ken Blanchard Companies (famous for “The One Minute Manager”), where he served as the Co-Founder and VP of Marketing of, an executive coaching network.       

Afterwards, Chip began his real estate career in Columbus, Ohio, and after building a successful practice with Real

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In 1988, Federal Housing Administration (FHA) reverse mortgage insurance legislation was signed by President Reagan. The only reverse mortgage insured by the Federal Government is called the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) and is only available through an FHA approved lender. Although reverse mortgages have been around for some time, they are gaining popularity now as Baby Boomers grow older and have a high demand for cash to maintain their standard of living. Over time, the reverse mortgage product has evolved into a financial tool that has helped many people. If you are over 62 years of age, you could be a candidate for a reverse mortgage. The home must be your personal residence and must meet HUD’s guidelines. The reverse mortgage process is

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Boulder is readying to change the paradigm of transportation mobility as a result of being named one of 35 Champion Cities selected as finalists in the 2018 U.S. Mayors Challenge. The competition is based on city leaders proposing bold solutions to each city’s toughest problems.

Three Colorado cities – Boulder, Denver and Fort Collins – were selected from a pool of more than 320 applicants. Selected cities now begin a six-month testing phase supported by a grant award of up to $100,000 for each to conduct a public prototype.

In Boulder’s application, the city proposed to combat climate change through accessible and affordable transportation alternatives for low- and middle-income residents.  City officials will conduct experiments on mobility

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Address                                                      Date                                  RE/MAX of Boulder Realtor

4165 Piedra Court, Boulder                        Sun 11 – 1                          Lynn Ryan/Alex Jacobson

8878 Elgin Drive, Lafayette                         Sat 1 -4 | Sun 11-2            Denise Patryas  

1223 Northview Drive, Erie                         Sun 11 – 2                          Denise Patryas/Shelley Jones              

1616 Naples Lane, Longmont                     Sun 1 – 3                           Bob Grotluschen & Susie Donohue            

2370 Balsam Drive, Boulder                        Sun 1 – 3                           Digger Braymiller            

1830 Southard St, Erie             

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Address                                                          Date                                     RE/MAX of Boulder Realtor          

3904 Glenn Eyre Dr, Longmont                      Sat 12 – 2                              Mark Brigham    

3760 Lakebriar Dr, Boulder                            Sat/Sun 12 – 2                       Jon Hatch           


11703 W. 84th Pl, Arvada                               Sat 11 – 2                             Katie Banta        

2255 E. Cherrywood Dr, Lafayette                 Sun 11 – 1                            Brian Sundberg 

15858 W. 83rd Ave, Arvada                           Sun 1:30 -3                           Andrew Muller    

561 Laramie Blvd, Boulder       

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