April 2018

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RE/MAX of Boulder Realtor

1016 Steamboat Valley Rd


Sat 12 – 3

Karla Bielanski

2071 W. 132nd Ave


Sat/Sun 1 – 4        

Chip Bruss

1041 Mircos St


Sun 12 – 2

Andrea Farinacci

1622 9th St


Sun 12 – 2

Lynn Ryan

1590 Cascade Ave


Sun 1 – 3

Miles Kunkel

170 S. 32nd Ave


Sun 1 – 3

Dolan Team

2295 Dartmouth Ave


Sun 1 – 3

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March home sales signaled a robust and active home buying season ahead for Boulder County.

“The Boulder-area market rocketed forward in March with strong sales that improved significantly,” says Ken Hotard, senior vice president of public affairs for the Boulder Area Realtor® Association.

Following modest positive movement in February, housing surged forward in March, according to March sales statistics. Boulder Valley buyers showed up strong, undeterred by a market pattern of low inventory and rising prices. This pattern has characterized the countywide housing market for several years running.

Single-family home sales in the Boulder-area jumped 43.3 percent in March compared to February 2018 – 344 units sold vs. 240. Condominium and

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Address                                                       Date                                  RE/MAX of Boulder Realtor                              

980 St. Andrews Lane, Louisville                 Sun 11 – 2                          Pete Abel             

844 14th St, Boulder                                    Sun 12 – 2                          Brian Sundberg               

858 Welsh Court, Louisville                         Sun 1 – 3                            Miles Kunkel                     

3925 Britting Ave, Boulder                           Sun 1 – 3                            Steve Altermatt               

185 S. 33rd St, Boulder                               Sun 1 – 3                            Steve Altermatt


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As real estate markets and financing markets change, there are opportunities to consider in order to build real estate equity in your home. One of those is the Home Equity Line of Credit commonly known as HELOC. During the recession, many banks called in their HELOCs. As the real estate market has improved, the HELOC is emerging as a useful financial planning tool.

Using a HELOC to build equity in your home isn’t for everybody. It takes discipline, structure, and a determined goal. In this case, let’s say your goal is to get your home paid off as soon as possible.

Let’s start with the question, “What is a HELOC?” A HELOC is a simple interest, open-ended line of credit secured by your home. You only pay interest on the balance remaining at the

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With Boulder's walking, biking and hiking trails, it’s no surprise the city made the SmartAsset top 10 list of places for physical fitness.

But here’s what is surprising: as fitness and healthy-eating oriented as Boulder's culture is, the city ranked only No. 10 on SmartAsset’s fourth annual study of the most fitness-friendly places in America.

According to the study, nine other cities are more fitness-friendly than this biking-hiking-running-skiing-walking-climbing loving town.

SmartAsset describes fitness-friendly cities as those that tend to be walkable, offer few fast food eateries and plenty of healthier eating restaurants, and present plenty of places to workout in. Having ample workout facilities overcomes crowded or far away gyms that

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Over the last several years, we have enjoyed record-low mortgage rates and a prevailing sense of relative stability. During times of stability, the question as to whether to lock the interest rate while you are under contract on a home, isn’t as critical as in times of rising interest rates. In recent months, there has been upward pressure on rates, making it a more relevant conversation.

To lock or not to lock, that is the buyer’s choice. However, buyers need to understand that is a commitment from both the lender and the buyer to close at the agreed upon interest rate.

The scenario goes like this. One day you write a contract on a home knowing you can afford it at a certain interest rate. Then while you are waiting to close, the interest rate

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The real estate market in Boulder County is red hot, which makes maintaining your mortgage approval a must if you're shopping for a home.

“It can be a lot of work to get your mortgage approved. Once it is approved, it is important not to make any major financial changes until you sign your final disclosure and the loan is closed,” says Jessica Shanahan, loan officer with Premier Lending.

To keep your mortgage approval, you need to know the financial moves not to make.   

Your mortgage approval is primarily based on documenting your income and assets, your equity stake or down payment, your credit history and the cash you'll have left over after the deal is done, according to Tuttle’s Real Estate Update.

After your mortgage is approved,

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Address                                             Date                             RE/MAX of Boulder Realtor

205 Camden Place, Boulder          Sat/Sun 11 – 1                   Jon Hatch           

1990 Tincup Court, Boulder           Sat/Sun 11 – 2                   Jay Kalinski/Heather Hawkins

1041 Mircos Street, Erie                Sat/Sun 12 – 2                   Andrea Farinacci

1120 Hillside Lane, Louisville        Sat 1 – 3                             Elizabeth Ryterski/E&L Team      

1590 Judson Drive, Boulder          Sat 1 – 4                            John Chamberlin              


806 Hawthorn Ave, Boulder         Sun 1 – 3                            Irene Shaffer/Liz Pistentis            

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RE/MAX of Boulder is pleased to welcome Tucker Brown (left) and Scott Brown (right).

In 2008, Tucker Brown moved to Boulder from Telluride, where he was born and raised. He graduated from the University of Montana with a B.S. in recreation resource management, then started his real estate career in Telluride in 2005. Tucker is passionate about real estate, especially helping his clients find their dream home. Tucker recently announced that his father, Scott, has joined him in the real estate business. Together they are working at RE/MAX of Boulder. In 2013, the Browns led the development of the Superior Town Center Project. Tucker is currently a director with the Boulder Area Realtor Association and a member of the Louisville Recreation Board. In his

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Address                                         Date                                   RE/MAX of Boulder Realtor

1820 17th Avenue, Longmont        Sat 10 – 12                         Jay Kalinski/Heather Hawkins     

1041 Mircos Street, Erie                 Sat/Sun 12 – 2                   Andrea Farinacci             

930 Neon Forest Circle, Longmont Sat 12:30 – 2:30 & Sun 1 – 3   Lynn Ryan          

860 Aurora Avenue, Boulder          Sat/Sun 2 – 4                     Lisa Wade                         


750 S. 41st Street, Boulder            Sun 11 – 1                          Mike Bader                       

2460 Agate Lane, Boulder             Sun 12 – 2                          Rich

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