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RE/MAX of 
Boulder Realtors                                 


3852 Rabbit Mountain Rd


Saturday 11 – 1

Brian Sundberg | Mike Favre

1377 Washburn St


Saturday 12 – 2

Dolan Team

1613 Jade Court


Sat & Sun 12 - 2

Ann Cooper

203 E. Cleveland St


Saturday 2 – 4

Janet Leap | Mike Favre

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In Colorado, real estate brokers are not licensed to practice law and/or give legal advice. Yet licensed brokers can prepare contracts to buy and sell houses as a daily course of business. Colorado brokers are allowed to render services to real estate clients to a greater degree than in many states. This allowance dates back to the infamous (at least in the Colorado real estate industry) Conway-Bogue case. The bottom line of the decision was that brokers were allowed to work with contracts in real estate transactions without an attorney only if they filled in the blanks of standard and approved forms.

Part of the issue back then, however, was that there were no defined standard and approved forms. The Conway-Bogue Case dates back to 1957, but it

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For home buyers and home sellers of mountain or foothills properties, learn the steps you can take to protect a home in a fire-prone area with the Wildfire Partners Program certificate. This informative video is presented by Boulder Area Realtor Association (BARA), Wildfire Partners, and RE/MAX of Boulder's Lisa Wade and Mike Bader. This program will not only prepare you in case of a wildfire, it will give you peace of mind. Click below for the video.




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If there is one constant in Boulder Valley, it's a strong real estate market. October's sales statistics show 2018 is on track to finish strong. This is despite that month-to-month, those statistics sometimes show significant fluctuation.

Take September and October 2018. When compared to October, September's data is like Colorado weather: If you don’t like the statistics one month, wait a month, they are likely to change.

September's single-family sales dropped 20 percent, then recovered to gain 8.7 percent in October with 362 homes sold vs. September’s 333. Despite the short-term fluctuation, year-to-date sales are holding steady through October, reaching just one unit short of the same volume as last year – 3,880 vs. 3,881.

“It's hard to

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RE/MAX of Boulder Realtors                                        

305 Martin Drive


SUNDAY 11 – 2

Jimmy Keith

1139 Pratt Street


SUNDAY 11 – 1

Terri Cox/Jeannie Bellomy

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Nearly half of the companies listed on Outside Magazine’s 2018 50 Best Places to Work call Colorado home – 23 to be exact. And 65 percent of the Colorado businesses are in the Boulder-Denver metro area – 15 in total – leading with No. 3 ranked Whipplewood CPAs in Littleton.= 

Outside Magazine’s editorial staff says health-oriented perks matter and adds, “It's a commitment to fun and supportive work environments that really make these companies stand apart.” 

Here's a sampling of the perks offered by the 15 Boulder-Denver metro area companies listed:

3. Whipplewood CPAs (Littleton)

Whipplewood supports employees through the long hours of tax season with professional massages and year round stress-relief like a meditation and power naps and

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Wondering what it’s like to be a first-time home buyer in this market? Our Broker/Owner Jay Kalinski was quoted in this Yahoo Finance article and video discussing Boulder as one of the "toughest markets for first-time homebuyers and an epicenter of a growing national affordability crisis."

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The National Association of Realtors® (NAR) conference every November provides a bounty of information about the real estate market nationwide. In Boulder, we often think our real estate issues are unique, but at this conference, we find that many communities across the nation are facing the same challenges as we are. A key difficulty is the housing shortage, a common problem across the country in most major metro areas, just as we are experiencing it here in Colorado and Boulder.

This year, I was able to see a presentation by Dr. Lisa Sturtevant, president and founder of Lisa Sturtevant and Associates. Dr. Sturtevant is an expert on the housing shortage issue as she has been involved in research and analysis on local economic, demographic, and

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RE/MAX of Boulder Realtors                                


1377 Washburn St


Saturday 1 – 3

Patrick Dolan Team

2430 Glenwood Drive


Sunday 11 – 2

Rita Famiglietti

2100 Goddard Place


Sunday 11 – 1

Steve Altermatt

4094 Guadeloupe St


Sunday 12 – 2

Patrick Dolan Team

3820 Lakebriar Drive


Sunday 1 – 3

Dale Pearson

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