7 simple solutions to organize your cord chaos

Posted by Tom Kalinski Founder RE/MAX of Boulder on Monday, June 20th, 2016 at 11:14am.

If adding that second gaming system took you over the edge of your wire-clutter threshold, it’s time to conquer the jumble of cords lurking behind your electronic nooks. Whether it’s the TV room or home office, bringing organization to wire chaos makes your home look its best and you feel better.

Here are seven elegantly simply solutions to keep your wires straight, offered by Realtor.com®.

Untangle and label each cord

First, unplug the cords from the power source and untangle each cord. You want to find the source of the cord and add two simple labels, one on each end of the cord. Now you can simply and accurately, unplug and re-plug any device accurately – an excellent first step in gaining control over the wad of wires threatening your home’s serenity.

Bundle cords together

Cable ties are king when it comes to cord management. Once your cords are untangled, tie them together to keep them straight. You can choose either the simple plastic zip ties or the fancily color-coded Velcro ties. If more than one cord goes to the same device, group them together. This will pay off by keeping things simple if you need to move that device.

Conceal cords in a tube

If the wires are still unsightly, you can buy tubing that blends into the carpet or wall color of your room to hide the cords. Fish tank tubing may work, or you can find specific cable sleeves at your local or online electronic store. With cable sleeves, new cords can be added later if needed.

Spool it up

If your wires are longer than needed, use a Cable Turtle or spool and coil the cord to the desired length. You can always add more length later by just turning the spool to adjust the cord length.

Corner every charger

There is a charger for almost every device from tablets to smartphones. It’s time to corral them with an inexpensive cable management system, such as the desktop version from Wovte. The Cordies device has slots for several cords so your gadgets can be charged in one place.

Clip cords in place

Most of us hang our wires off the back of our desk, which keeps them out of sight. But they move around and if you need to unplug the device the cord can slip behind the desk. Cable clips attach to a flat surface or side panel and hold thin wires in place. At last, you no longer have to dread losing that cord over the back of the desk.

Hide ugly power strips

A mass of wires running to a power strip on your floor is unappealing and collects dust. Luckily there is a solution. CableBox holds the power strip inside and wires enter through a small hole. The cords stay straight and you eliminate one more eyesore from the devices that power our connected life. 

Tom Kalinski 
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