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Whether you want to build a swimming pool, remodel the kitchen, or replace a leaky roof, getting the right estimate from a reputable company can make all the difference in not only the quality of your home renovation, but in your return on investment as well. In today's difficult economic times, many contractors are happy to offer a discount, but the lowest bid is not necessarily the best bid. Homeowners must be aware of the right questions to ask to make sure they are truly getting a good deal.

General contractors recommend the following 10 tips when securing bids for home remodels and renovations:

  1. Be clear on the extent of your work. Each contractor you talk to should receive the same ground rules and expectations. Changing your mind somewhere along
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THANK YOU BOULDER for choosing us as the Best Real Estate Company/Office in the 2010 Boulder County GOLD People’s Choice Awards. We are continually grateful to our many clients and we are proud to carry on the tradition of being honored by these awards for well over a decade.

Here is what the Daily Camera said about us:

With its agents averaging 17 years of experience, RE/MAX has a leg up in the highly competitive real estate market. “They are knowledgeable and can convey those important pieces of information that help consumers in this marketplace,” says D.B. Wilson, RE/MAX of Boulder managing broker and president of Boulder Area Realtor Association. “We’re seasoned. We’ve seen good markets and bad, so we can really help people.” Wilson says he’s

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September is almost over and the new Fall season has quickly thrown itself upon us. If you are trying to find a post-summer deal or looking to sell before the hectic holidays, there are plenty of things you can do to speed up your transaction and close on your home sooner rather than later.

Sellers should do themselves a favor and play up the season to their full advantage. Colder temperatures and nicely hued foliage make the fall a beautiful time of year. Add vibrant mums or other fall-bloomed flowers to the front of your house to add to its curb appeal. Further decorate with things like pumpkins, colored corn or an appropriate wreath on the door. These small additions will give your property a "homey" feel, suiting the newly changed weather and

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  1. What does FIVE STAR mean?  I know I like my dining establishments and hotels to be FIVE STAR, but what does it mean in the real estate world? Crescendo Business Services, in conjunction with QMI Research, recently completed a research/recognition study to find real estate agents in the greater Denver Metro area who consistently wowed their customers.  5280 Magazine published an extensive list of professionals who have shown exceptional technical skills, integrity and knowledge of their markets. RE/MAX of Boulder is very proud to announce that our office had sixteen FIVE STAR Agents.  They are:
  • 1.     Richard C. Ackerman              303-441-5604
  • 2.     Diane Barnwell                        303-441-5624
  • 3.     Holly McCarthy Cerretani         
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For new buyers, the world of mortgages may be a little confusing and entirely overwhelming. If you are mortgage shopping for your first new home, you definitely want to get the lowest possible rate that your credit score will grant. While comparing rates and deals from various lenders, there are a few options and facts every consumer should consider. Percentage points are extremely important to consider, and buyers should absolutely seek the lowest possible rates they can find.

A 30-year fixed-rate mortgage of $400,000 at 4.3% would cost $1,979 per month, while the same loan balance at 5.3% costs nearly $2,221, according to numbers from Bankrate - a difference of almost $250 per month. Over one year, that 1% difference equals out to $3,000. Even small

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Colorado was one of only eight states where home prices appreciated in the 12 months ending March 31, earning it a placing among the top five states for home appreciation, according to the Federal Housing Finance Agency.

The District of Columbia had the highest one-year appreciation rate in the nation, with its homes’ values increasing 14.2 percent. It was followed by North Dakota with a rate of 7.48 percent; California third at 2.85 percent; and Vermont rounded out the top five with a rate of 1.44 percent.

Boulder was the highest-ranking metro area in Colorado, coming in at No. 50 with a one-year appreciation rate of -2.28 percent. Grand Junction was the lowest ranked Colorado metro at 254, with an appreciation rate of -10.9 percent.

While none of

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Naturally, like most homeowners, you have a strong emotional connection to your home and, understandably, feel it deserves top dollar when placed on the market. After all, no one knows your home better than you, including all the investments you've made in it over the years. But even though all sellers want to get the most money for their homes, especially in today's challenging economic times, decisions made regarding the listing price cannot be made in haste.Listing your home at a price that is too high can cause it to languish on the market; this can result in the home selling at an even lower price than would have been realized had it been priced properly from the beginning. To avoid this scenario and generate optimal profits from the sale of your…
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Home sales in Boulder continued their upward trend in June, giving hope that perhaps the real estate market has finally hit bottom and is headed in the opposite direction.

"Sales held up very well in June, probably continuing with the impact of the homeowner tax credit for first-time and move-up buyers," observes Ken Hotard, senior vice president of public affairs for the Boulder Area Realtor Association.

Until Congress recently extended the deadline for closing on a home purchase to the end of September, buyers had to close by the end of June to qualify for the tax credit.  Boulder County saw 370 single-family homes and 131 townhomes and condos close in June, compared with 357 and 147, respectively, in June 2009. From June 1, 2009, through May 31,

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Did you know that one in seven Americans has at least 10 credit cards? It's true. However, the average is four, according to a report from Experian.

Usage on credit cards has dropped dramatically in the last two years as financially constrained consumers have reduced spending and begun paying off debt. The national average interest rate on credit cards as of August 2010 is 14.44%, up from 13.17% from six months earlier.

Mortgage-seeking clients are always asking for advice on how they can improve their credit profile, such as the number of credit cards they should have. It's important that consumers are educated about credit and how to properly manage it. According to the credit experts at, however, it's not just the number of credit

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Whether you are thinking about putting your home on the market or you are concerned about increasing your home's equity in a time of depreciating house values, knowing which remodeling projects yield the best return on investment, is critical.

Not all home remodeling projects are equal in terms of ROI. In today’s economy it's important that homeowners understand the value a particular home renovation will - or won't - add to their home.

Check in with your local real estate professional or research websites such as the National Association of Home Builders to determine the potential return on a remodeling project. Following, are the top 10 renovations in terms of increasing your home's value:

  •       A Home Office Remodel
    With more and more people
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