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Looking to add an extra room to your home with a guaranteed ROI? A finished basement is always a boon for sellers in terms of home-equity increase. Plus, finishing a basement space will almost always be a lower cost project than adding an addition, because the structure and foundation is already laid out. Here are some basement remodeling tips for both those seeking pros, and do-it-yourselfers.

Light it Right—Basements can be dark and dingy, so be sure make the most of your lighting. If your basement is not below-level, you can take advantage of natural lighting by choosing window treatments that allow light to shine through.  Make sure you upgrade your overhead lighting.  Track lights are perfect for giving your basement space a more finished look. And don’t forget to optimize the light in your room by painting the walls light colors.

Quality Carpet — If you plan on installing carpet, don’t cut corners on quality. Basement flooring can be cold and uninviting, so you want to make sure the carpet you choose is high-quality. Keep in mind cleanliness, as well. While a light colored carpet make appeal to you visually, know that they are much harder to keep clean. What will go on in your new room? Is it a playroom for kids? A darker color will hide those juice spills and Magic Marker mishaps. Don’t want wall-to-wall carpet? Press-on vinyl tiles are among the least expensive options, or you can consider adding an area rug.

Matching Matters — One common mistake with homeowners who finish their basement is that they forget to match it to the rest of their house. You don’t want a modern basement below a country-style home, or any other style mash up. When upgrading any part of your home, it’s important to keep the style similar to the rest of the house so it’s feels comfortable and organic.

Add A Bath — A bath is a terrific addition to your new basement. There are a few things to keep in mind before you choose a spot—and be sure to talk to a plumber.  A corner is best for a bath, because you already have two solid walls. If your basement has windows, a corner with window access is ideal because you can set it up as an exhaust route for your ventilation system. Also, check the wiring in the basement, and the drainage.

Keep the Options Open — A finished basement can serve as a family room, a guest room, a play-room, a fitness room, an office, or more. While you want to tailor it to your own lifestyle needs, you also want to make sure a future buyer can use it to suit their preferences, as well. Want a home theatre? Terrific. Just make sure that ceiling attachment for your projector can be easily removed, or that built-in case for your film collection can double as a bookshelf later on.

Save Money, and Energy

A few quick tips on saving money and energy in your basement remodel:

1. A Family Affair. Having the kids help with the painting is a fun way to involve the family. Just be sure an adult is around to supervise.

2. Recycle.  Lots of stores offer recycled or overstocked building materials so be sure to look into it. This will help the environment, and your budget.

3. Wall Talk. Basement walls require treatment, but hanging drywall is a fairly expensive option. Consider painting that cinder block wall, instead. You can do it yourself, which will save even more money.

4. Ceilings. Exposed pipes and ductwork are a common remodeling issue in basements. One inexpensive option is to simply paint the pipes and ductwork to camouflage them.  Or, consider a drop ceiling with foam panels and fluorescent lights. This costs more than merely painting the pipes, but it is much less expensive than a drywall ceiling.

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