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As team leader and licensed Real Estate Broker, Duane not only manages The Boulder Property Network, but he also manages to be a consistent top producer in the Boulder County area! When you choose Duane as your personal REALTOR®, you get the benefits of his extensive real estate education and over 29 years of experience selling residential & investment real estate!

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When interest rates drop, one wonders whether or not it makes any since to refinance.  Unfortunately, there are many different“ rules of thumb” being thrown out to the public to answer the question, “When is the right time to refinance?”

One of these “rules of thumb” says that if your current mortgage loan is less than two years old, you should not refinance.  Generally, this thought comes from the fact that closing costs were just paid and when the refinance occurs there will be another set of closing costs.  Another common “rule” used to determine the feasibility of refinancing is that there should be at least a two percent spread between the old interest rate and the new refinance rate.  The reasoning behind this rule is that at least a 2%

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USA PRO Cycling Challenge

The USA PRO Challenge is already one of the biggest Pro Cycling Races in North America, on the same level of the Tour of California.  The USA Pro Challenge will finish Stage 6 in Boulder, Colorado on August 25, 2012, to reignite the cycling fire started during the Coors Classic years. It is now dubbed the biggest single sporting event to hit Colorado!  Approximately 250,000 people are expected to be on hand in Boulder, Colorado, to cheer the cyclists from all over the globe.   This year the Boulder stage will finish on Flagstaff Mountain.  Flagstaff Mountain is known across the planet to the cycling world.  Most any world class American Cyclist knows how long it takes to get from the 17th Street  stoplight on Baseline Road to

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