Banjo Billy: The Man Behind the Hillbilly Wagon

Posted by on Tuesday, October 21st, 2014 at 10:27am.

This week on RE/MAX of Boulder Radio, Duane Duggan hosted none other than Banjo Billy himself, John George.  What better way to get ready for Halloween than hearing ghost stories with the president of this Boulder based business.

Almost ten years ago George was out of work and eager to start the next chapter of his life. That’s when a humble thought came about that started everything.  He had noticed that there were many successful tour busses around Europe but none in Colorado and, in his words, “Boulder could use something fun and funky”.  As it turns out, he was very right and Banjo Billy’s Bus Tours soon expanded into Denver and now gives more than a thousand tours a year!

Banjo Billy gets his name from the tour bus that looks like a “hillbilly wagon”.  A few comfy chairs inside and the old wooden roof atop the school busses give them their distinct style that has been instantly recognizable since!

Banjo Billy’s is operational year round, but during October they switch up their history tour and transform it into a haunted ghost tour.  In the spirit of these spooky stories, George gave us a show telling us the greatest ghost stories from the area.  In his interview he reveals the most haunted place in Colorado and describes the only tour location that involved paranormal experiences with people on the bus.

Banjo Billy’s also hosts private tours for birthday parties, corporate events, weddings, and can even be rented just for transportation.  To learn more about their historical tours, haunted tours, or beer tours check out their website  If you’re interested on getting the scoop on the best ghost stories in Colorado listen to this week’s episode of RE/MAX of Boulder Radio

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