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Bicycling isn’t just a popular pastime in Boulder. For many, it provides basic transportation as well as their vehicle for recreation. Just how much bicycling has permeated the Boulder culture is represented by the fact that has named Boulder the Top City for Bicycling in America.

“With its bike friendly road infrastructure, population of college students and nearby mountains, Boulder comes in first for the win,” reports

While Denver (No. 9), Fort Collins (No. 17) and Colorado Springs (No. 31) also made the list, it was dominated by West Coast cities in Oregon and California. In fact, the Oregon cities of  Bend, Portland, and Eugene rounded out the top four. also noted that college towns including Boulder have large used-bicycle markets. The study found that growing, well-educated cities tend to have more developed bicycle markets, but Priceonomics’ data was unable to completely explain what drives a city to take up biking, considering the possibility that a liberal arts major, culture or government policies were contributing factors.

Boulder, Denver and Fort Collins also made's’ Fixie Index: The Top 25 Hipster Places in America, referring to the use of fixed-gear bikes, landing No. 13, No. 19 and No. 22, respectively, on the list. Denver also has the seventh largest used bicycle market in the nation.

Here’s a look at how the top 10 bicycle friendliest places in America and how Colorado cities measure up:


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