Bringing History to Boulder

Posted by on Wednesday, November 19th, 2014 at 9:47am.

RE/MAX of Boulder Radio continues to explore the rich history of Boulder this week with Carol Taylor, the Curator of Adult Programs and Research at the Boulder History Museum.  This week Duane Duggan talks about the sand creek massacre and the wildly popular Chief Niwot exhibit.

The Boulder History Museum (soon to be renamed the Museum of Boulder) showcases the city’s rich history stretching back 200 years. Duggan points out that the native americans left behind a legacy that continues to be recognized today in the names of our streets, cities, and landmarks. REALTORS can often give the background of any certain area to their clients but it’s important to know what the history really means.  

With the 150th anniversary of the Sand Creek massacre this year, the Chief Niwot exhibit could not have been available at a better time. Taylor enlightened us about the true story behind this tragic moment in the history of Colorado and the information behind who Chief Niwot really was.  

This exhibit is the most popular display the museum has ever had, and has won two awards since it’s opening.  This popularity is likely due to the relevance of the information to locals.  Many visitors leave more informed than they came and wonder why they had never learned this information before.  While this is an important piece of Colorado history, at first glance it does not appear to be directly related to Boulder. Taylor gave us all the information on some of the little known Boulder connections.   

Luckily, this Chief Niwot exhibit will be sticking around through 2015, giving everyone ample time to check it out. In commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the Sand Creek massacre,  the Boulder History Museum will be having a full day of free admission on November 29th.  Also coming up will be the 16th Annual Spiritual Healing Run, starting near Eads and ending in Denver.  To learn more about Chief Niwot, the Sand Creek massacre, or the current events and exhibits at the Boulder History Museum, listen to the full interview below or visit their website at

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