Colorado Start-Ups "High Caliber"

Posted by Tyler Dock on Friday, March 8th, 2013 at 10:00am.

 At this years’ VCIR, twenty-two early-stage tech startups had less than five minutes to impress a panel of venture capitalists and judges. Many of them had already secured high-profile customers, a team of engineers, and close to $1 million in seed funding. 

 Most of the founders said their major obstacle to growth is cash. In Colorado and the surrounding states, it’s not easy to procure a first round of institutional funding. As Democratic Gov. Hickenlooper admitted in a conversation with the media, “better access to venture capital came up all over the state,” when his team conducted research for their Economic Development Project.

here are a few that were said to have stood out, all Colorado companies.



Serious Integrated

Cloud Elements



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