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In the Boulder-area market, possession of a home most commonly happens upon delivery of the deed.  In other words, the home buyer hands over the money, the seller hands over the keys, and then the home buyer moves in. This is really the cleanest way for a closing to happen. There is no question who owns the home when ownership is transferred. The home is usually clean and empty for the home buyer’s walk through prior to closing. Yet in this method of possession, the seller is at the greatest disadvantage if they have moved out and the home buyer fails to come to closing. 

In some markets, it is common for the home buyer and seller to negotiate possession three days after closing. This method of possession eliminates the seller’s risk in the event

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Many baby boomers never bought a home in their younger years and some baby boomers lost their home in the 2007 to 2012 recession. Baby boomers were born between 1944 and 1964, making them between 55 and 75 years old this year. In the U.S., there are currently 76 million baby boomers. Those baby boomers are now in their retirement years and are asking, “Am I too old to buy a home?”

There are few things we become too old to do, like playing in the NFL, but when it comes to buying a home you are never too old. In fact, the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) says that about 25% of first-time homebuyers are over 52 years of age.

One myth that prevents seniors from buying in later years is that they think they are too old to get a mortgage.

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This May Day, one thing every property owner in Boulder County can depend on is receiving is a newly assessed property value. Since 2019 is an odd numbered year, state statute requires that every property in Boulder County be evaluated for “assessed value”. Notices of assessed value will go out countywide on May 1, 2019.  The new assessed value is based on past real estate market sales of comparable properties from July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2018.  If there isn’t enough information in that time frame, the assessor is allowed to go back five years to collect sales data. The assessor then uses a “time trending” appreciation rate by area to adjust values on the basis of when the sale occurred within the allowable time frame. 

The assessment and

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Did you know there are three different opportunities in Colorado and Boulder County available for seniors to ease the burden of property tax payments on real estate?

Senior Tax Deferral Program

First is the senior tax deferral program. This is a program offered by the State of Colorado that enables you to postpone the payment of your property taxes until you sell the property, or even until your death when your estate can deal with it. Of course, there is a bit of a catch. Interest is applied and accrues on the deferred amount. In 2019, the interest rate is 3.125%. Also, there are eligibility requirements, so you will need to fill out an application for approval through the Boulder County Treasurer’s office. The treasurer’s office sends the

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Spring has sprung and real estate “For Sale” signs are popping out of the ground like tulips! Usually a real estate “For Sale” sign is pretty straightforward and announces that a house is for sale. However, with recent market conditions, there has been a trend across the country of “For Sale” signs having a sign rider attached that says, “Coming Soon”. The “Coming Soon” rider has been a source of confusion for the public and among real estate professionals.

What’s a “Coming Soon” Listing?

A “Coming Soon” listing, in its purest form, is a listing that will be making an appearance on the market in the near future. A legitimate “Coming Soon” property is not available for showing or sale until a future date. In most cases, the seller is getting the

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February’s Boulder-area home sales shook off January’s real estate chill with a rise in sales all around. But even with the significant jump for the month, sales for the year still lag compared with last year, which could be good news for those ready to buy a home in this competitive market.  

Single-family home sales for Boulder rose 26.1 percent in February – 232 homes sold compared with 184 last month. In condominium/townhomes, 78 units sold in February, a 9.8 percent improvement compared with January’s 71 units sold.

“It was good to see the February rebound in sales for both single-family and attached dwellings. But year-over-year, sales are behind in both. We’re definitely getting a slower start to the year,” says Ken Hotard, senior vice

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When listing a home with a real estate agent, sellers of psychologically impacted or “stigmatized” homes often ask if a seller needs to disclose a something such as a murder or suicide occurring on the property. The answer is not the same across all states, but luckily, in Colorado, we have some guidance from the legislature. The legislation is found in C.R.S. 38-35.5-101 clarifying the answer and is shown below:

“C.R.S 38-35.5-101 Circumstances psychologically impacting real property--no duty for broker or salesperson to disclose.

 (1) Facts or suspicions regarding circumstances occurring on a parcel of property which could psychologically impact or stigmatize such property are not material facts subject to a disclosure requirement in a real

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Megan’s Law is a federal law named after Megan Kanka, who was abducted and murdered by a neighbor. On October 19, 1994, the neighbor, Jesse Timmendequas, was convicted of the crime and sentenced to death. As a result of this tragic event, the Kankas family was determined to create a system to notify the public with information about the residential locations of sex offenders.   

Under Colorado law, sex offenders have the right to live in any location they wish as long as they are properly registered. There is no authority granted by a police department or city government to control these circumstances. However, there is a duty for local law enforcement to alert the public to the availability of sex offender registration lists, and to maintain

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If you are mulling over the idea of moving and need to compare to a variety of different places you are interested in relocating to, you will no doubt want to assess the cost of housing. The National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) makes it easy to make comparisons. NAR has been keeping track of the housing affordability index nationally for many years, which enables you to see how the index has changed over time. The index is published on a monthly basis from NAR.

The housing affordability index measures whether or not a “typical” family could qualify for a mortgage on a “typical” home.  Already, that raises some questions. What does typical mean? For purposes of the calculation, the typical family (or home buyer, if the “family” is just one

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Home sales for Boulder-area real estate got off to a slow start in 2019 despite fairly mild January weather, resulting in decreased sales compared with a year ago. 

Single-family homes posted 184 sales, a decrease of 20.3 percent compared with 231 homes sold in the same month last year. Sales of condominiums and townhomes dropped 23.0 percent for the same period with 71 units sold vs. 92.

“The market saw a pretty significant slowdown that started mid-November and continued through January,” says Ken Hotard, senior vice president of public affairs for the Boulder Area Realtor® Association. “The fundamentals are still solid—inventory improved and interest rates aren’t going up quickly,” he says, noting that interest rates are historically low and

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