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If you will please indulge me for today’s blog, I want to veer off the real estate track and talk about something very dear to my heart. ‘Tis the season for giving and making those lists, checking them twice, and making sure everyone in the family has a gift or two under the tree. Even Uncle Fred. Now, even though Uncle Fred doesn’t really need anything, we search the malls for something to wrap up for him. I have a better idea. How about making a contribution to your favorite nonprofit on his behalf? 
According to a recent survey from the Colorado Nonprofit Association, 56% of the State’s non-profits reported a time during the past year when their total expenses exceeded their total revenue. Times are tough; due to the economy, charitable giving is down, way down. But, the needs are greater than ever. Nonprofits are "can-do oriented, creative and resilient, and that was shown in the survey by the large degree of collaborative efforts, cost-savings methods, and trying new things to fulfill their mission," said Renny Fagan, president and chief executive of the Colorado Nonprofit Association. If you don’t already have a favorite charity, here’s a good website to help you make wise choices,
Charity Navigator, a great on-line resource for research on non-profits nationally, reports that 86% of surveyed charities reported that the economy was having a “negative” or “very negative” impact on the services they provide. People need help. People need to help people. We all need to dig deep and support organizations that provide the basics: food, shelter, warmth, education, companionship and even toys. I used to think that my 20 bucks wasn’t much and probably wouldn’t do much good, but multiply it by 100 givers and now we’re talking. We can make a difference.
The Colorado Nonprofit Association, the Secretary of State, the Attorney General and The Denver Post’sSeason to Share have partnered to establish a website,, providing Coloradans with an additional way to find information about nonprofit organizations when individuals and businesses want to make a donation. This partnership is one further step by the Association to increase giving in Colorado to all nonprofits.
So, chances are, Uncle Fred will be thrilled. He’ll know he has a nephew or niece that cares and has a heart for the down-trodden. It’s a great way to celebrate our blessings; by sharing with our neighbor we receive the best gift of all.

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