Cuba-Cuba Stands Alone in Boulder

Posted by Tyler Dock on Friday, February 22nd, 2013 at 8:38am.

Boulder has a thriving and eclectic food scene. We can add Cuban cuisine to that scene. Local restaurant, Cuba-Cuba Sanwicheria, seems to be here for awhile. Located off of Arapahoe in The Village Shopping Center next door to Boulder Ski Deals, Cuba-Cuba serves authentic Cuban sandwiches and plates. The plates are accompanied with amazing rice and beans. I never thought much of rice and beans but Cuba-Cuba’s are damn flavorful. There are also several side dishes available.

Of course a restaurant couldn’t survive in Boulder without catering to the health conscious (or crazy), so a majority of the plates are gluten-free and a gluten-free hoagie is available for the sandwiches. They even have a designated gluten free fryer; they did they’re homework.

In my educated opinion they serve the best pork in town; and yes I have eaten a lot of local pork dishes. They’re local and very reasonably priced and the only authentic Cuban place around. The food is made fresh and the staff is always awesome. On top of all that, you can grab a beer with your meal. Cuba-Cuba is a can’t miss for anyone; from a Cuban cuisine expert to those looking for something new and delectable.

Cuba-Cuba Sanwicheria
2525 Arapahoe, Boulder, CO 80302
Open Daily from 11 am - 8 pm

Tyler Dock

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