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By Jed MacArthur, Realtor, RE/MAX of Boulder
Article published in the Daily Camera on February 22, 2019 in the atHome section


The No. 1 reason home buyers purchase a home is to get more living space. In fact, in a recent survey conducted online by Harris Poll on behalf of SunTrust Mortgage, 66 percent of millennials say more space is the top reason for purchasing a home.

That’s ample rationale to make the most of your home's bonus space when you plan to sell. Simple staging can turn that large landing or extra room into a space that declares, “Great Lifestyle!”. Your home sale will benefit from the impression of extra value.

With staging your bonus space in mind, consider these tips from on how to bring that nook or room to

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A beautiful new kitchen is often the renovation homeowners dream of. But if getting a high return on investment (ROI) is at the top of your checklist, you may want to consider doing exterior work instead.

Seven out of the ten highest payback projects are exterior renovations, according to Remodeling Magazine Cost vs. Value Report 2018. Except for a minor kitchen remodel, work done on the exterior of the house generated higher returns than did interior renovations.

Here are the five renovations that give the highest return, according to Remodeling Magazine.

Garage door replacement

A new garage door can give your home instant curb appeal. Expect to spend about $3,500 to install a new 16x7-foot windowed garage door with lifetime warranty and

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Cooler temperatures and mountain snow are reminders that it’s time to prepare your home for winter. Here are steps to take to get ready for falling leaves and freezing temperatures, as recommended by House Beautiful. 

1. Prepare your gutters

Clean and well-functioning gutters are a must for winter. Now is the time to clear gutters of leaves and debris and replace damaged sections. 

2. Ensure against drafts

Windows are a major source of heat loss in the home. One simple solution is to eliminate drafts with weather stripping. To check for drafts, close the door or window on a strip of paper, and then slide the paper. If it slides easily, it’s time to replace your weather stripping.

3. Disconnect outdoor faucets

Take action sooner rather

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If you’re a homeowner, a quickly rising real estate market is good news. It’s comforting to see your home value rise. Yet, many homeowners don’t live in the last home they will ever own, making rising prices also a source of anxiety.

The question is, what do rising real estate prices mean for the next house you buy? Will the home you own today appreciate at a greater or lesser rate than the home you’re going to buy?

According to analysis by drawn from millions of listings from 2011-2016, some home features appreciate more than others. Knowing this could help you gauge which home updates pay off the most – and which may not pay off at all. It can also help you choose a home that will appreciate at the top of the curve.

As a point

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Outdoor living is one Colorado’s top perks. To make the most of it, your outdoor furniture needs to be worthy of center stage, but the Colorado sun, wind and temperature fluctuations quickly degrade items left outside.

Maintenance is the key to keeping your outdoor furniture looking fabulous, whether you just bought new furniture or need to refurbish last year’s. Try these easy maintenance tips recommended by Install It Direct and Outdoor Elegance.


Clean regularly even if your furniture is new or already looks clean. Every two weeks use a cleaning method suited for the type of furniture.    

For aluminum, vinyl and plastic, scrub gently with hot, soapy water. Then rinse with the hose and let it sun dry.

If your furniture is

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Here in Boulder County, and in cultures around the world, spring cleaning is a welcome tradition.

But spring cleaning isn't only about dusting. It's also about having an 'out with the old' attitude that drives you to get rid of all the unneeded stuff that has collected in drawers, closets and cabinets. There is no question that de-cluttering opens up room in your cabinets, and clearing out extra items makes cleaning quicker and easier.

Here’s an easy checklist to guide you painlessly through the first steps of cleaning. The list was first published by and has been updated for a Boulder County perspective.

Kitchen: The kitchen is a great place to start de-cluttering. Toss all foods that are past the ‘use by’ dates. Clear the

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By Joseph Truini- Home improvement expert who writes about a variety of topics related to carpentry and plumbing. Joe is also the author of numerous DIY books, including the best-selling Building a Shed. He also writes for Home Depot, which carries a wide selection of water softening and filtration products.

When searching for a new home, most prospective buyers are willing to compromise a little—except when it comes to water quality. Safe, healthy drinking water is of utmost importance of course, but today’s savvy homebuyers are also concerned about another extremely common problem: hard water.

 According to the U.S. Geological Survey, about 85 percent of American households have hard water, including homes with city water and well water. But what

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If you're one of the millions who use smart devices throughout your home, take heed.

 Along with the wonder of touch-of-a-button Internet home control comes the growing problem of cybercrime. And without precautions, you could be the next victim. The use of smart devices is projected to reach 50 billion by 2020, according to Cisco Internet Business Solutions Group. With so many smart devices and the availability of easy to use hacking software such as Miria, home-targeted cybercrime is a growing problem.

Take steps now to keep your home, financial data and you, safe. Follow these valuable tips on how to keep hackers out of your house, as seen in Bradley K. Tuttle's Real Estate Update. 


1. Change the default setting on your smart device.

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Despite warmer than average fall temperatures, winter is fast approaching and snow will soon fill the forecast.

 It's time to take steps to keep your home safe, warm and energy efficient throughout the coming cold weather. Here are ten items recommended by to maintain your home this winter.

1. Clear away leaves

Before the first snowfall, rake up those leaves one more time and clear your gutters. Too many leaves left on the ground can inhibit spring growth. If your gutters are clogged gutters can cause water to pool, potentially damaging your roof or siding.


2. Prepare trees and shrubs

Even in cold winter months, landscaping needs care. Remove dead limbs or trees before the snow starts to fall to avoid damage from a

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Whether you are decluttering or downsizing, getting rid of your stuff is hard for many of us. First, we have to overcome the sentimental hold a box of memory-filled items may have. Then, there's the worry of throwing out something that's worth a small fortune.

To help you sort it out, here are tips on researching the value of items from Realty Times magazine.

Do Your Homework

Items of value come in all categories: some you would expect, others that might surprise you.

For example, you might expect your grandmother's costume jewelry could have value on today's market. At the same time, you may think that box of old magazines, stack of postcards or those vintage cereal boxes are to be tossed without a thought. But hold on, those items may be

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