Future Technology Trends in Real Estate

Posted by on Monday, February 23rd, 2015 at 9:02am.

In last week’s RE/MAX of Boulder (ROB) Radio program, co-host George Thomas interviews Duane Duggan who attended the Council of Residential Specialists (CSR) Conference in Las Vegas. At the conference, Duane listened to Stefan Swanepoel, an industry researcher who has been predicting real estate trends for the past 30 years. Duane summarizes Stefan’s discussion of the types of fascinating, innovative new technologies that will have an impact in real estate.

One major trend is the use of drones. With the increasing popularity of drones, legislation is being discussed that will regulate them. In the real estate industry, drones could potentially be used to photograph and view properties, and could be especially helpful for viewing larger properties over 35 acres. In the near future, drones may even make deliveries.

Mixed reality technology is another area of interest. When looking at a basic digital floorplan of a house, new programs are enabling users to insert different types and styles of furniture into the plan, or place the furniture in various locations, which can be helpful to buyers when visualizing a vacant house. Already, Ikea’s Home Planner enables users to select and place their products in a digital floorplan and view it in 3-D.

The next exciting technology is wireless power. In the future, there will be no need for wires connecting appliances or phones to a power source. Lamps, computers, and phones will all be charged wirelessly over the cell network and there will be no need to plug them in.

The application of nanotechnology is driving the reduction in size of wearables and cameras. Other types of products, such as Teflon-type materials that resist dirt, are also being driven by nanotechnology.

Wearables such as wrist watches for music and communications are also hot items. Wearable glasses technology could also enable viewing of MLS data while driving. Body cameras could help ensure the safety of real estate agents who show houses at night and can be recorded in real time to another person watching.

Personal devices like Amazon’s Echo, is a Siri-type stationary digital device for homes that can answer questions, tell time, or check the weather.

Selfie personal drones controlled by a wristwatch can take photos of a person 20-30 feet away.

CICRET bracelet is worn on the wrist and projects a full interactive screen on the forearm with the capability of a full-fledged computer. It will be debuted this year or next.

Duane notes, “It’s amazing all of the technology coming up to potentially help real estate agents and consumers have a better experience.”

What is also remarkable, comments George and Duane, is that these technologies are not for use far into the future, but rather will be available in 12 months or so, and many of them already have websites.

To learn more listen to the full recording at: https://soundcloud.com/overthetopcycling/future-tech-in-real-estate-report-from-crs-convention

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