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Kitchens are one of the most popular rooms in the house to have remodeled, followed closely by baths. In terms of selling, remodeling your kitchen can be a major boon; minor kitchen remodeling has 85.2 percent ROI, according to a Remodeling magazine’s annual Cost vs. Value Report.

Here are some tips to help you remodel your kitchen, even when constricted by time or money.

Be Choosy. According to the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI), the No. 1 way to decrease the cost of your remodeling project is by making smart product choices.  Be sure to compare products and companies to see if you can get a similar—or even identical—outcome with a less expensive product.

Spread it Out. If you’re working on a tight budget, spread your project out into different stages to decrease the project’ s initial financial dent.  Start with a smaller project—like installing new appliances or light fixtures, or redoing the counters—while saving up for the bigger moves, like tearing down a wall or redoing the floor. However, you may end up paying a bit more in the long run, so if you have the money to pay for the entire project up-front, it may be smarter.

Paper and Paint.  Sometimes you don’t really need to do all that much to your kitchen to give it a fresh look. Before you start in on structure, see what you can do with a new swipe of paint, or even wallpaper. You may also want to consider heavy or textured wallpaper, or even faux finish painting that can hide minor damages a flat paint will expose.

Salvage Your Appliances. It is tempting to discard existing appliances when you build new cabinets around them. Rethink the idea. If the appliances are workable, keep them—and save yourself from $1,000 to $5,000, according to NARI.  Or, think about redoing your cabinets instead of replacing them. Re-facing existing cabinets can considerably reduce the cost of your remodel.

Lower Labor Costs. To decrease labor costs, consider installing cabinets without soffits to decrease labor cost; and avoid trim moldings, or use a simple trim. If you’re set on having a new wood trim to match those new cabinets, order pre-finished trim, and avoid having the painting or staining done on-site.

Freshen the Floor.  You may be able to sidestep the need for a new floor by sanding and refinishing a hardwood floor that may be underneath your existing vinyl flooring. Take a peek underneath before deciding to completely revamp the floor.

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