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While a home inspection is standard protocol when purchasing a home, many buyers overlook one major type of inspection before move-in day, and if a problem is brewing, it can lead to some nasty consequences later on. What type of inspection is not included in the traditional home inspection? A sewer inspection.

Too often, buyers are unaware that the responsibility of the sewer line leading from the street to the home falls on their shoulders.  Should a problem with the line occur, the cost of repair can be a staggering $5,000—not to mention a seriously messy clean-up.

An old septic tank can explode or degrade over time. Not only is the smell extremely unpleasant and lingering, but the mess is unsafe and hazardous to your health. Additionally, it can cause major damage to your home and surrounding property.  A damaged sewer system can disrupt your bathroom fixtures, as well as flood your property, wreck your landscaping and seriously offend the neighbors.

A sewer line inspection, often done using a camera to scope out any internal issues, can be done by a professional for anywhere from $200 -$500, depending on the depth and length of your pipes. While this may seem like a hefty inspection fee to some, it is a mere fraction of what you will pay if a pipe or tanks erupts down the line.

Because plumbing lies underneath the house, it doesn't get as much attention as say, the roof; a sewer inspection is usually an afterthought when purchasing a home.  But the inspection is just as important for the overall financial security of your home, especially if your place is over 20 years old, or has been vacant for a length of time.

One of the largest causes of sewer disruption is root growth, so if your property has a good amount of trees—especially mature trees with visible root growth—it's increasingly important to get a sewer inspection in order to stave off a financial burden and a huge mess down the line.

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