How to live large in small digs

Posted by Neil Kalinski on Wednesday, August 1st, 2012 at 11:14am.

While Americans are used to collecting lots of stuff and living in homes big enough to keep it all, one couple has learned to thrive in a 240-square-foot apartment in Brooklyn, NY.

But if you are residing in what’s considered tiny quarters, you don’t have to live a cluttered life. Here are 10 tips from Erin Boyle and her fiancé, James Casey, on how to make the most of a small space, as reported by Yahoo! Shine:

1. Hide your clutter. Boyle and Casey, for instance, hide papers in a wine crate and tuck it under their couch.

2. Go small. Look for smaller versions of items used to decorate a home, such as tiny plants in tiny pots. You might also find that some household items, such dish-drying racks, bath mats and other necessities, come in miniature versions, so you can leave them out in the open.

3. Get creative about storage. Invest in furniture that doubles as storage, but think outside the box when it comes to extra-big or extra-bulky items. As an example, the couple decided that Casey’s surfboard could double as a decoration when they propped it artfully in a corner of the living room.

4. Buy beautiful versions of everyday items. Besides being useful as well as looking attractive, they’re usually sturdier and last longer than their plastic counterparts.

5. Be selective about art. Consider taking out only a few choice pictures at a time and rotating your display to keep things interesting – and so you get to enjoy all of your art, as well.

6. Cut back on garbage. Reducing, reusing and recycling is a necessity in small spaces, but also consider composting. Some municipalities offer composting services or community gardens that put your food-related scraps to good use.

7. Keep the windows clean. Keeping windows sparklingly clean make them the focal point for any room. Try to forego blocking them with window air-conditioning units; use decorative fans instead.

8. Put things away right away. A sink full of dishes, piles of unopened or junk mail or a still-not-unpacked suitcase can make any home look cluttered, but when your home is tiny those things also take up precious space.

9. Limit what you buy. Buy your groceries in the bulk-food section of your local grocery store, or remove products from their packaging and pour them into pretty, reusable containers at home. In the bathroom, streamline your beauty routine to just the products you use most; use them up completely before you buy more.

10. Make the city part of your living space. Instead of spending too much time in that cramped space, get out and enjoy the beauty the city or the country have to offer: Boyle and Casey picnic in public parks and eat weekend lunches on the steps of a nearby church.

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