In case of disaster, take inventory of your possessions

Posted by Neil Kalinski on Friday, November 2nd, 2012 at 9:40am.

People rarely have time to prepare for a disaster, and the task of writing down every possession can seem so overwhelming to most that it never gets done.

But whether it’s a fire, burglary, flood or other event, recovery will occur much faster if victims aren’t racking their brains, trying to remember everything they owned and figure out what they have lost.

The Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association offers these tips on preparing for whatever the future holds, as disaster can happen to anyone:

Write down an inventory of everything in your house;
Take digital photos of your possessions;
Get valuable items appraised;
Note the make and model of appliances;
Document everything and save receipts for big ticket items.

So that the task doesn’t seem insurmountable, the Insurance Information Institute offers free downloadable, easy-to-use software at The program helps people go room-by-room to take inventory of their belongings. It provides prompts for different items and allows users to scan in the make, model and appraisals for items in their home.

Insurance companies have found that very few customers actually have inventories of their possessions, according to Bill “Tutt” Tutterow of State Farm Insurance. Inventories help insurance adjusters work quickly and more efficiently to the benefit of customers who just want life to return to normal.

And people who have suffered a disaster are often so overwhelmed at the loss that trying to remember the details of what’s now gone only adds strain to the situation, Tutterow says.

Neil Kalinski

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