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If you’re currently in the financial throes of buying or selling a property, one term you may have heard mentioned is a “bridge loan.” A bridge loan is a short-term bank loan of the equity in the home you are selling. Usually, homeowners take out a bridge loan to wiggle out of a tight spot.

Maybe you’re closing on the home you are buying before you close on the property you are selling. This loan basically enables you to have a place to live after the closing of your existing home.

But why a bridge loan and not a home equity loan? While a home equity loan is less expensive, bridge loans contain more benefits for some borrowers. These benefits can include deferred monthly payments, and the fact that the buyer can immediately put a home on the market without restrictions.

The key to a bridge loan is having a qualified buyer and a signed contract. Usually, the lender issuing the mortgage loan on the new home will write the interim financing as a personal note due at settlement on the property being sold.

If, however, there is no buyer for the property you have up for sale, most lenders will place a lien on the property, thereby making that bridge loan a kind of second mortgage.

It can be complicated, so make sure you have thought out all the details before acquiring a bridge loan.  Be sure to remember that there are costs and fees involved with bridge loans, and interest rates are usually quite high.

Don’t feel comfortable with a bridge loan? A few other options are borrowing from your 401(K).  Actually, any secured loan is acceptable to lenders for the down payment. This includes stocks, bonds or an insurance policy.

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