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So the wedding is over and you’re moving into your first home as a couple. Congratulations! While this is an exciting time, moving may be stressful. After all, moving both of your possessions into a new home is much different than hauling your stuff out of your parent’s basement to your first one-bedroom apartment, like you did post-college. Here are some insightful tips for moving made easy.

Eliminate the duplicates – Before you move into your new place, take inventory of what you both already own. Two toasters? Three huge television sets? Two grills? This is the perfect time to have a garage sale and minimize your stock, before you rent that moving van.

Group items together – There is a reason people label their boxes by room. It makes unpacking much easier, and allows you to organize your packing time by area.  Focusing on packing or unpacking one or two rooms at a time can make the whole project seem much less daunting. Break it down and make a plan, like pack the kitchen and bathroom today and the bedroom tomorrow.

Start early -- Don’t procrastinate; it will make moving day miserable. Instead, begin packing early, starting with the things you don’t use every day. On moving day, the only thing that should be left to do is put the boxes in the truck, and maybe give the place one final sweep.

Leave gifts in boxes -- Unless you’re tight for space in your moving van, leave all of your wedding gifts in their original boxes during the move. This ensures they are packed safely, and won’t break during the move.  While it may be tempting to take out all the new china and shiny appliances during the weeks before the move, leaving them in their original packaging is smartest for safe storing and moving.

Protect your assets -- This is especially important if you’re hiring a moving company. As heartbreaking as it would be to shatter your new china set, imagine how it would feel if your movers did it.  Be sure to take note of the condition of your items being relocated. That way, if you have to make a claim, the condition of your possessions will be documented. Make a list of everything that you pack into the truck to be sure it all makes it out, and check to see if your insurance covers the damages.

Invite your friends and family members to help on move-in day, which will speed things up, make moving safer (don’t throw your back out with that heavy couch!) and allow you to say goodbye to your old place—and celebrate your new one—with the people closest to you.

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