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While searching for and moving into a new home is an exciting time, it can prove to be quite challenging, and stressful—even before you throw your kids into the mix.  Here are a few tips and tricks that will help your move with kids run smoothly.

Making sure everyone is on the same page, and that your children feel included in big family decisions, will help your ease anxiety over your move. One way to help your kids feel involved is to hold weekly meetings leading up to the move to keep everyone in the family updated.

Be sure to ask your kids what they would like in a new home and neighborhood, and try and take their suggestions—if reasonable—into account when property searching. It’s a great idea to take kids with you when house hunting. If you can’t bring them along, be sure to take photos and notes to share with them after.

Children are often reluctant to move to a new town and leave their friends and what is familiar to them. If you have already chosen a neighborhood, take your kids on a few outings in your new area—to parks, festivals, parades or other events—so that they are excited about relocating. Show them where their new school will be and research local sports, dance or other after-school activities they are likely to be interested in. Ask your real estate agent what kids of similar age to your own like to do in your new town, where the popular hang-out spots are, etc. Share this information with your children to amp up their excitement.

During the actual process of packing up, let your kids help. Have them pack their own things, which will not only help ease the process for you but allow them to feel included.

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