REALTOR® of the Year, Mike Bader

Posted by on Tuesday, September 30th, 2014 at 9:15am.

This year, the Boulder Area Realtor® Association named RE/MAX of Boulder Agent Mike Bader their Realtor® of the Year.  Though Mike has only been a member of the RE/MAX of Boulder community for the last 3 years, he has been a long time part of the Boulder community with over 13 years of experience in real estate.   He volunteered on the director’s board of BARA for 7 years until he was elected president for 2013.  He has recently been appointed as a director for the state board at CAR (Colorado Association of Realtors®) for 3 years. 

Though this award is mostly based on how much time and effort has been given to the association, it is not without its benefits for both the Realtor® and client. Being on the boards keeps Mike connected.  He has a wealth of knowledge on the current state of all things going on in the real estate world.  He knows the Realtors® he’s making deals with, as well as all of the changes legislation and any updates in real estate protocol. This is beneficial to clients because they can rest assured knowing everything will be taken care of with no hidden surprises.

Mike enjoys giving back in his spare time and in return he gains knowledge making him an incredibly valuable resource to his clients.  When asked if he had any advice for new Realtors®, his response was “get involved, it will come back to you in various ways”.  Mike is hard working, dedicated, and almost always busy with volunteering but he still manages to make things fun.  Check out the video below of what Mike has to say about being the 2014 Realtor® of the year.

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