Six Solutions to Hide Your Home’s Unsightly Feature

Posted by RE/MAX of Boulder on Friday, March 9th, 2018 at 10:15am.

By Alana Childre, Realtor, RE/MAX of Boulder

Concrete foundations are often overlooked, and – excuse the bluntness – one of the ugliest features of your home. So before you spring into planting, take stock of your foundation and do something about that uninviting, exposed concrete section that surrounds the base of your house.

Here are six creative solutions, from the helpful folks at

1)   Don’t Get Stuck Without Stucco

Stucco around your foundation gives a finished, long lasting look to your home’s exterior. Best of all, it can be applied directly to concrete walls, but be sure to follow building requirements for moisture barriers.  

2) Lattice to the Rescue

Well-placed lattice work is the perfect solution for your foundation and those areas around your deck and stairways that leave a big empty space under your house. You can paint or stain it to match your home and add a doorway for some much needed outdoor storage.

3) The Simplest of All: Paint

Paint is a wonderful invention. Easy and quick to use, paint can make your foundation disappear or add a creative touch with color. All it takes is a little prep time to make the foundations surface clean and smooth. Then choose the right color and voila! You have made a huge improvement to your home.

4) Hide It with Plants and Planters

Do you love plants and have a green thumb? Big bushy shrubs and raised flower beds are the perfect solution for covering the foundation. It makes your home feel fresh, inviting and well established. And landscaping adds realizable value to your home.

5) Fill ‘er Up

Don’t want plants surrounding your home’s perimeter? Cover it with beds of gravel or decorative rock. You can get creative with your choice of materials or add a combination of raised beds of different heights.  And it’s a great solution if you have moisture problems in your basement.

6) Ready-made Solutions

An uninsulated foundation can contribute up to 22 percent of energy loss in your home. Ready-made insulation panels improve the look of your home and boost energy efficiency at the same time. Solutions come in many styles, from faux stone to stucco and wood looks.

You can find suitable solutions at your local home improvement store or consult a local contractor. But be sure to get going on a home project that will make all the difference in your home’s charm.

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