Smooch Frozen Yogurt

Posted by on Monday, March 25th, 2013 at 3:00pm.

Here in Colorado we like to enjoy a frozen treat during any time of the year. Whether it’s freezing out or blistering hot, any weather condition is good enough to enjoy some frozen yogurt!

Smooch Frozen Yogurt and Mochi is a fantastic place in Boulder to serve your frozen yogurt needs! The owners Michelle and Christopher Luu opened Smooch’s doors in August 2008 as Boulder’s first frozen yogurt shop.

Michelle moved from California to Boulder in 2007. Right away, she fell in love with the food scene in Boulder. The frozen yogurt frenzy was becoming popular in California and Michelle thought she would bring it to Boulder! The couple’s goal in opening Smooch was to share their love of healthy desserts.

Both Chris and Michelle’s families own small businesses, so it has always been a dream of theirs to open a business. A little fun fact about their start up struggles is that Michelle and Chris got married two weeks after Smooch’s opening. Not only did they have to plan the start-up of their business, but they also had to have their wedding organized and planned. Starting a business and planning a wedding isn’t on many people’s agendas at one time!

I asked Michelle more about their frozen yogurt options and she mentioned that their original tart flavor is their most popular. It pairs very nicely with their fresh toppings. Michelle also informed me that all of Smooch’s flavors are non-fat, low calorie, gluten-free, kosher and certified by a third party laboratory for live active cultures. I think they reached their goal of providing a healthy dessert option!

The great thing about Smooch is that they have such a variety of items on their menu along with frozen yogurt! They also have smoothies, popsicles, and mochi balls. Mochi balls are little balls of ice cream wrapped in rice dough. I’ve never had one before and I was brave enough to try one. I had the espresso flavored mochi ball and it was delicious! I would definitely suggest trying one if you’ve never had one!

Michelle’s favorite item on the menu is the triple berry smoothie made with fresh strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, their original tart yogurt, and local non-fat milk. Healthy and delicious, just how she likes it!

Any time you’re craving some frozen yogurt or are curious about mochi balls stop by Smooch Frozen Yogurt and Mochi!

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