Some things may come cheaper in 2012, but often at a price

Posted by Admin . on Wednesday, January 11th, 2012 at 1:08pm.

While it seems like everything is getting more expensive these days, from groceries and gas to airfare, apparently the cost of a few, mostly big-ticket items will go down this year.

According to Yahoo! Finance, while the price of some items or services may be cut while others may increased, possibly negating the savings. Here are five 2012 deals that are just that – deals:

Consumer electronics

It’s not unusual to see the prices fall in the first couple of months of the year as the newest computers, televisions and electronic devices make their debut. But the savings could increase and continue into the year as stores seek to compete with websites. Television set prices, especially, reflect this trend.

But, according to Yahoo! Finance, shortages mean prices on some items, such as hard drives, may not follow the trend. And other items, such as the GPS, are cheaper because they are becoming redundant with the increased use of smartphones.

Text-message plans

When new apps that allow consumers to message each other for free, it’s not necessary to pay as much as $50 a month for the privilege of text messaging.

However, expect to make up for that savings in the way of data expenses. Experts are saying that consumers are using so much data that cell-phone companies are eliminating their unlimited data plans and making other adjustments to reign in its heaviest data users, Yahoo! Finance reports.

Europe travel

This may be the year to take that trip to Europe, with the debt crisis allowing Americans to purchase more euro for their buck, making their accommodations and food more affordable.

Perhaps those savings will partially offset rising fuel prices and airline capacity cuts driving up international fares, according to Yahoo! Finance.

And if the debt crisis and the euro’s value stabilize next year, it will likely diminish savings, so travelers should be careful how far ahead they plan their European vacation.


Even as consumers cut down on their consumption, boutique wineries are springing back, making bargain bottles more available, according to Yahoo! Finance. Because people are looking to spend less than $30 a bottle, wineries are concentrating on their wines for less and some websites are offering high-end wines at as little as 50 percent off their regular price.

Interest rates

Interest rates should remain low if not drop even more around mid-year, making it a good time for those considering buying a house or car this year, Yahoo! Finance reports.

But, like other savings, there is a downside to those savings: projected increases in sales could lead to fewer incentives, and the low-rate environment has also pushed down yields on checking and savings accounts.

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