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The Boulder-Denver Metro area may see a continuing uptick in high tech workers, if Silicon Valley’s tech workers fulfill on their longing.


More than two-thirds of Silicon Valley workers see themselves pursuing their tech careers outside of the industry’s epicenter, according to a survey conducted recently by Indeed Prime. Survey results show that Denver ranks as the No. 2 place that many see as a good place to move.

Not that the Bay Area is being surpassed as the nation’s most vibrant tech center. But some tech workers are beginning to feel little or no need to live in the Bay Area, the survey shows.

The shift is strikingly age related, with almost half of millennial tech workers still firmly rooted in the view that it’s important or very

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If you're one of the millions who use smart devices throughout your home, take heed.

 Along with the wonder of touch-of-a-button Internet home control comes the growing problem of cybercrime. And without precautions, you could be the next victim. The use of smart devices is projected to reach 50 billion by 2020, according to Cisco Internet Business Solutions Group. With so many smart devices and the availability of easy to use hacking software such as Miria, home-targeted cybercrime is a growing problem.

Take steps now to keep your home, financial data and you, safe. Follow these valuable tips on how to keep hackers out of your house, as seen in Bradley K. Tuttle's Real Estate Update. 


1. Change the default setting on your smart device.

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