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Posted by on Monday, March 11th, 2013 at 3:41pm.

If you’ve never been to Tee & Cakes you may not know that the “Tee” in the name is referring to a t-shirt, not the tea you would expect to drink while eating cake. T-shirts and cakes? Odd combination, but it seems to be working for Kim and Brian!

Tee & Cakes got started 6 years ago when Kim and Brian were dating. Brian owned a business named Side B Apparel and Kim owned a business named Haute Cakes. Brian was operating his business on the side and Kim was baking cakes out of a kitchen with no retail shop. The two decided to combine their t-shirt and cake businesses and then Tee & Cakes was born!

Kim shared with me that she always had a passion for cooking. Since she was 8 years old Kim loved watching cooking shows. She worked in coffee shops and restaurants her whole life. Although Kim didn’t initially see herself owning a business, she thinks she knew subconsciously that it would eventually happen. Her father and sister own businesses and Kim was next in line.

I asked Kim the infamous question about the struggles in starting her own business. I was surprised to get an answer different from the typical start-up obstacles. Kim explained to me that her biggest struggle was transitioning from baker to handling all the business operations. She loves doing all the hands-on activities in the kitchen, so it was hard to transition from baker to overseer. Kim still gets to spend time baking, but as one of the owners she has to make sure the business is running smoothly.

Kim has always lived in Colorado and she and Brian’s previous businesses were located in Boulder. Staying in Boulder was an easy choice for them. Since opening, they’ve developed regular customers and close friendships. During the interview, Kim pointed out a regular customer they’ve had for 6 years. After trying one of their chocolate cupcakes, I know why they have so many loyal customers!

Kim’s most rewarding aspect since starting Tee & Cakes is when she and Brian see their logo or stickers around random places. She also loves getting to make food that people love and enjoy. Kim told me that chefs have this characteristic of wanting to take care of people and it’s definitely how she would describe herself!

Tee & Cakes has a wide variety of items on their menu from cupcakes, pastries, coffee, and tea. Kim said it’s very hard to pick a favorite (she said it’s like picking a favorite child), but if she had to pick a favorite cupcake it would have to be yellow cake with chocolate icing. A very classic pick! If you’re ever in town be sure to check out Tee & Cakes to try some new treats or to pick out an awesome t-shirt!

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