To ensure your house will sell in timely fashion, follow these tips

Posted by Tom Kalinski Founder RE/MAX of Boulder on Friday, March 8th, 2013 at 3:25pm.

Before you find yourself in the dilemma of being ready to move on – literally and figuratively – but the “for sale” sign has grown its own roots in your front yard, recognize the many things that you can do to avoid finding yourself in that situation. Bradley K. Tuttle’s Real Estate Update offers these tips to avoid a home spending longer than necessary on the market:

Tip 1: Be realistic about the price.

 Determine the sales price by educating yourself about the market by reading the newspapers, visiting online real estate sites, researching the sale prices of homes in your own neighboring and consulting with the best experts in the business.

Tip 2: Fix up your home.

Most buyers don’t want to purchase a big list of must-do fixes in order to live in the home they just bought, but some sellers would prefer not to spend money on a home they’re moving out of soon. While both sides have valid points, buyers might be in a stronger position, either choosing not to buy the home or insisting on repairs before buying it. Starting with a house that is in relatively good order is the best way to begin.

Tip 3: Leave it on the market.

If you need to sell your home, leave it on the market even if you don’t think the season is right, because those who need to buy a home will keep hunting through all seasons.

Tip 4: Consider incentives.

You can make your home more appealing by including some incentives, so speak with your real estate agent about which ones are best for you to offer. Even practical incentives can help convince buyers view your home and can encourage the buyer to move forward, especially if other challenges arise.

Tip 5: Stage your home.

Beyond daily maintenance and repairs, staging your home involves using experts to make your home showroom-ready. Experts are trained to stay on top of the trends that have mass appeal. They also offer a fresh set of eyes on your home, pointing out things you never noticed before because you’re too familiar with it. They will look at your home from an “outsider's” perspective and that's exactly what you need.

Taking the time to at least consult with experts provides you with knowledge and information about your home and the marketplace. And it just may be the difference between a “for sale” sign and a “sold” sign hanging outside your home. Source: Bradley K. Tuttle’s Real Estate Update

Tom Kalinski 
Owner and Founder
RE/MAX of Boulder

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