Top Home Design Trends for 2019: What’s In, What’s Out

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When it comes to fresh, relevant decorating, yesterday’s to-die-for can be today’s buzz kill. That’s why we’re taking stock of home design trends and reporting what’s in and what’s out for 2019.

What’s In

If your home needs a fresh start or you are putting your home on the market, take a look at these home design trends to watch in 2019 from Realtor Magazine.  

1. The color is blue

Paint companies know color trends and they are choosing blue to be the top color for 2019. Shades go from Behr’s warm and soft mid-tone “Blueprint” to Sherwin Williams’ “Reflecting Pool.” Blues are showing up on walls and as pillows, artwork, and throws.  

2. Go black

Fixtures, stainless-steel appliances, cabinets, and hardware are turning up in black. Whether surfaces are shiny or matte, black is stepping in with strong visual pop, nudging out more traditional finishes like bronze, brass, and chrome.

3. Southwestern is back

Color palettes are trending toward warm clay and terracotta colors all around the country. It’s a welcoming color for a backdrop, dining room, or kitchen. The Southwestern feel continues with bright tiles, warm stone, and greenery, complimented by leather, grained woods, and gardening planters.  

4. Terrazzo returns

Terrazzo – a stone-like composite material popular for use as flooring in the 1980s – is making a comeback and being elevated to countertops. Expect Terrazzo to edge out marble in popularity.  

5. Bringing the outside in 

This trend is getting a boost this year with accessories made from rattan, wood, and other natural fibers being used indoors more than ever.

What’s Out

As much as you love your home’s style, sometimes you’re ready to take a fresh look and kiss the old farewell. Here are eight of last year’s interior design elements to say bye bye to in 2019.

  1.    Wall photo galleries

Just when you perfected your photo collage, it’s time to trade it in. Today’s trend in wall decoration is making a big impression with one large colorful piece. 

  1.    Industrial chic is passé

Forget those exposed pipes and caged lighting. Trade that industrial kitchen for deep, near black greens and blues and dark woodwork with matte metallic for contrast. Finish the more sophisticated look with soft, champagne gold hardware, faucets, and lighting fixtures. 

  1.    Bye bye Boho

Do you love your macramé wall hanging and Moroccan lanterns? Sorry, their time has come and gone. If your soul needs a bit of Boho, do what Portland, Oregon designer Justin Riordan suggests and buy yourself an authentic piece like a kilim rug and build your room around it, reports 

  1.    Word art

The short story is that words no longer belong on your walls – no matter how warm or trendy they seem. That’s it, take ‘em down. 

  1.    Kitchen islands

Ouch, this one hurts. You know that kitchen island you think is a must? Think again because now it’s a must not. Diana Blaszkiewicz, an associate with TTR Sotheby’s International Realty in Washington, DC, says kitchen islands are “bulky and often don’t provide adequate storage space; plus, they’re very easy to bump into in the middle of the night.” What to do instead? Modular, moveable storage or placing the dining table closer to the kitchen can provide a similar purpose.

  1.    Gray on gray, on gray

Designers say the problem with gray is “enough already!” Cool grays have been the go-to for neutral palettes for too long. Neutrals are still in, but it’s time to shift to warmer tones like taupe. 

  1.    Over-the-stove microwaves

If your microwave is over the stove, where are you going to put it? Under-counter microwaves are up and coming. Or, you could mount it under upper cabinets to preserve counter space.

  1.    Microfiber upholstery

It’s an affordable and durable upholstery, so what’s not to like? It makes the room feel dated and cheap, according to designers. Instead go for linen, leather, pleather, tweed and canvas-type fabrics. 

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