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With energy costs on the rise, and green living trending, consumers across the country are looking for smart solutions to up their eco-friendly ante. However, many homeowners don’t pay attention to what is coming out of their tap—specifically, their shower. Water is a place many homeowners overlook when thinking of ways to make their home more eco-friendly.  One major way they can change their water consumption is to take a look at their daily water use, and their water quality—specifically hard water.  According to the U.S Geological Survey, nearly 90 percent of American homes have hard water, which contains high levels of calcium and magnesium.

So how do you know if your water is hard?  Check your pipes and showerheads for scaling.  Also, if you have brown rings forming in your sinks, toilets and tubs, then you may have hard water.
Still not sure if your water is hard?  Ask around for a trusted water quality professional who can test your water and give you tips on how to handle it.

How can you change your water quality? With a water softener, which can help you use less energy—saving money and the planet.  If your water is hard and you are interested in softening it, you need to remove the calcium and magnesium with a salt-regenerated water softener. These work by running your hard water through a filter, trapping the harmful minerals and replacing them with sodium ions.

Now, if you already have soft water but are still looking for more green options, take a look at your shower head.  Switching to an eco-friendly, low-flow shower head that uses less water can shave a good amount off your utility bill each month, as well as being great for the planet.
Another option? Look for a steam bath as opposed to a normal soak. While a luxurious, long bath is appealing to many, the average tub uses about 70 gallons of water per bath. A ten minute shower uses an average of 25 gallons of water. For a more eco-friendly option, consider a home steam shower—which uses only two gallons of water.  A home steam shower is a trending green option right now, which can be a hot selling point if you are thinking of listing your property.

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