Relocating to Boulder County

For anyone looking to relocate to a new location, Boulder is really an obvious choice. Over the years, Boulder has seen many newcomers join our population after just “coming for a visit” and then falling in love with the city. While there are a great many reasons why people come to love this city, these are our favorite reasons why you might like to come and live here too.

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Health & Recreation

Boulder cyclists

While moving to Boulder won’t instantly make you fit, the opportunities to get outside to play and the culture of health and wellness can be contagious.  Do you like to play outside? Boulder is a great location for anyone who likes to ski, mountain bike, hike, camp, play golf, fish, ride horses, river rafting or canoeing, and many more activities! A great many of the local residents are very enthusiastic about maintaining an active lifestyle and it shows!

Boulder wins a variety of great ratings every year for fitness and health. For the past several years the city ranked well on a variety of fronts:

  • America's Fittest Cities - The Active Times, March 26, 2014
  • Best Urban Green Spaces in North America - USA Today, Aug. 18, 2013
  • Top Urban Bike Paths Across the USA (Boulder Creek Path: #2) - USA Today, July 23, 2013
  • Bicycling magazine rated Boulder as #3 bike friendliest city
  • The Atlantic Cities rated Boulder as #3 Healthiest Metro in America
  • A March Gallup poll ranked Boulder as the #5 city for well-being.

Cultural Events & Attractions

Boulder nightlife

The city of Boulder offers residents and visitors a great cross-section of cultural events and attractions. Music lovers can attend concerts in a variety of venues; from the Boulder Philharmonic at the Macky Auditorium to home grown entertainment at the city’s local watering holes, there is a musical event for everyone. Annual events include Colorado MahlerFest, Colorado Music Festival, and summer concerts at the Pearl Street Mall.

Film buffs will enjoy Boulder’s International Film Festival and the Shoot Out 24 Hour Filmmaking Festival. Other cultural events include Boulder Ballet, a wide variety of live theatre, and a fabulous assortment of museums.  

The Natural Landscape

Scenery around Boulder

Over the years, the city and citizens of Boulder have taken many steps towards protecting the gorgeous natural environment. Boulder’s “Blue Line” rule and Open Space programs help protect almost 2/3 of the beautiful Boulder Valley. In recent years, Boulder has put together many programs to reduce indoor and outdoor pollution, better public transit, and increase green space. Due to these endeavors, the city has some of the most beautiful mountain scenery imaginable. Even if you aren’t a big fan of spending time in the outdoors, the views of the mountains can be amazing!

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