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Selling a vacant home is more difficult than selling a furnished one, in any market. A vacant home—regardless of how nice the property—can seem eerily empty and lacking in character and warmth. However, if you are trying to sell a vacant home—whether it’s a second home or a space you were unable to sell before moving to a new location—there are a few key tips that can make the process easier and help provide a quicker selling time, and a better selling price.

Sweat the small stuff. Once furniture is removed from a space, even the slightest imperfections become apparent. An older carpet that was once disguised by a modern sofa and coffee table is now blaringly out-of-date. Holes in the wall or a hallway in need of a fresh coat of paint are now obvious.

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Another week of interesting but inconsistent economic news, continuing the trend of not much of a trend.  The bond market is on a fantastic roll as treasury interest rates drop but mortgages are only "sort of" following the lead.  For instance, Thursday morning, the 10 year bond improved almost a full point, up 27/32's, dropping below 2% for the first time in history.  Mortgages improved a non-factor 3/32's and aren't even at their 52 week lows.  This just reinforces that investors have more faith in the US Treasury than mortgages. That being said, mortgage rates are still excellent, pushing towards their record lows of the past year but given the drop in Treasuries, I'd expect more.
A few quick hitters:

  • Forbes lists Boulder, Ft Collins and Pueblo in
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It may not be pretty, but as a homeowner, keeping your septic tank in top condition is a crucial investment. Ignoring your septic tank is a disastrous mistake made by even the most cautious of homeowners. Regular septic maintenance—including pumping out and inspecting your system every handful of years—is critical to the upkeep of your property. Often, homeowners don’t really realize how their septic systems work, so they don’t look into proper maintenance for them.

A septic system works by carrying wastewater from your home to your septic tank, where it separates solids, known as sludge, from grease and oil, known as scum. The waste-water then leaves the tank and enters the drainfield, and the solids remain. The septic solids should be pumped every

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It’s been a wild week and the one part that is very obvious (at least to me) is that no one has a clear picture of where anything is headed.
Last Friday's downgrading of the US credit by S&P caused one of the worst one-day stock market drops in history.  Then the market turns around and gains 70% of it back.  Treasury securities see-sawed up and down trying to find a direction and then decided down was good as yields on the 10-year note dropped close to 2% from the 2.5% range. Shorter term notes didn't drop as much, but when a 1-month treasury is already trading a .025%, there really isn't too much room for a meaningful drop.  Mortgage bonds, which compete for investors with the 10-year treasury bond, haven't moved.  30-year loans remain in the mid 4%

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RE/MAX of Boulder is pleased to announce three new Realtors® who have joined their company this past summer.  First, Art Schwadron, a Colorado resident for over 25 years and previously at the Louisville RE/MAX Alliance office for a year, brings his diverse background including spec construction projects here and in Telluride, new construction, remodels and investments to the Boulder area.

Second, Carolyn Bleicher, a proud RE/MAX agent for over 8 years in Chicago's NW suburb of Buffalo Grove, has moved to Boulder and brought her expertise to the office. Carolyn confides, “Although Chicago had been my home for nearly 24 years, I am originally from Louisville, KY--home of beautiful woman and fast horses.” Her tech savvy, great sense of humor and personal

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Last week the market worried about the potential defaults and the lowering of the country's credit rating if Washington didn't have the debt ceiling issued resolved by August 2.  Congress came through at the last minute and managed to avert a crisis.  But in typical 21st century Washington style, no one seems happy.  Many Republicans are unhappy that there aren't enough spending cuts or enough specific cuts.  Many Democrats are unhappy that tax rates on the rich and on corporations weren't increased.  The press is condemning both sides and the public is both relieved and disgusted  A true Washington compromise - it passed and no one is willing to take responsibility for it.  Hopefully, over the course of the future months (years) some of the better ideas

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Most people look forward to traveling, spending time with friends and family and playing lots of golf when they retire.

Jackie Thompson dreamt of making wine and sharing it with others who enjoy drinking it.

That dream became a reality in 2003 when Jackie, with the emotional and financial support of husband Mike, opened Boulder Creek Winery.

But Jackie, who is from Vermont, was anything but a novice when it came to making wine. Both sides of her family are French, and she grew up in a home in which making wine was common practice. She then went to college for a degree in plant and soil science with plans of applying it to a future in vineyards and winemaking.

When Jackie and Mike, who is from Massachusetts, met in Vermont, she was a

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Home loans can be confusing, and finding the right type of home loan for your particular circumstances can be a frustrating process. Knowing the difference between the two basic home loan types can help you make a confident decision, and ensure your buying process goes smoothly.

Conventional Loans

A conventional loan—also known as a conforming loan—is one not insured by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) or guaranteed by the Veterans Administration (VA), both of which make homeownership affordable and accessible.

Conventional loans require a higher credit rating, and even for those who do qualify for a conventional loan may be better off with an unconventional one.  This is because the lower your credit score, the higher your interest rate will

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A home won’t sell itself on its own merits these days. Instead, the neighborhood and the community are becoming big sale factors, according to REALTOR® Magazine.

Reporting on a survey by Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate LLC, the magazine explains that the lifestyle the community and neighborhood offer are an important piece of a home’s presentation.

The survey of more than 1,000 home owners and future home buyers shows that one in five home owners have moved or would like to move to a neighborhood or community that is more conducive to their lifestyle.

And the majority of those surveyed place more weight on lifestyle factors – such as family-friendly neighborhoods or easy access to cultural activities like museums and music venues – when shopping

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The financial markets are staying as calm as possible given Washington's inability to resolve the budget issues. The stock market is starting to take it on the chin but the bond market, which determines interest rates is holding and even improving a little…. so far.  But we are seeing more and more money moving to the sidelines due to the uncertainty.
Locally and nationally, purchase applications are slowing as the end of the summer approaches when the possibility of completing a new home purchase and moving in prior to the school year starting becomes more difficult.  Refinances have shown a slight uptick in activity the past several weeks as consumers move towards shorter term loans (15 and 20 year) and more mortgage prepayments - people paying

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